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so i bit the bullet today and bought my textbooks for my first quarter in nursing school!!! to be honest, although it was expensive, i spent about $150 less than i had expected, based on what i'd heard from orientation and our college bookstore. even after purchasing many of the 'optional' books, my total was only $375, for nine books.

i highly recommend ecampus.com and barnes and noble (bn.com) for discount textbooks, i even managed to find some used (in new condition) books that were just published last quarter.

out of curiosity, if anyone wants to share, is this about average for books for first quarter (or semester) in nursing school? (we're told we'll use these same books for several quarters). good luck to everyone starting in january!



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I spent $600 for first semester books..


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I spent close to $500 on books this semester, and in line behind me at the bookstore was a guy complaining about a $70 history book. I almost laughed out loud :chuckle


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I needed 13 books for 12 credit hours(!!!) and I've spent $675 using ecampus, textbookx.com and half.com. If I had gone through the school it would have cost over $800. Geez louise, I hope we use most of these the full 2 years, lol!


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I spent around $500 the first semester for 17 books. I used textbooks.com as well. Some of my classmates spent over $1,000 on brand new books from the campus bookstore!!!

But I do have one exciting piece of news! I'm going into my final semester in Jan. and they just told us this will be the first semester that we DON"T have to buy any books!!!

YAY!!!!! :biggringi


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I shelled out over $600 for my first semester books and about $300 a semester since then. I only buy online and save at least 40%.



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I only deal with half.com and bn.com...


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$415 for 16 credits first semester, via our school's online bookstore (in conjunction with eFollett.com). All used, including the optional books. Only thing I regret is that they aren't shipping them until Jan 3 and I want them NOW (even though school doesn't start til 1/13).


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Would you believe my school told us we had to buy books from their bookstore only. They manage not to list the books required until the day class starts so basically you have to. I do think their books cost more too.

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Oh ack, I wish I had read this thread before I went out today...bought the textbook for my med admin class and paid 66 bucks for it...found it at walmart.com just now for 47.:eek:

I spent close to $500 on books this semester, and in line behind me at the bookstore was a guy complaining about a $70 history book. I almost laughed out loud :chuckle


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I managed to get a copy of the book list and am working on tracking them down as cheaply as possible...

22 books on my list for 36 credit hours. Total cost new without figuring taxes is roughly $725.00. I have been ebaying and web surfing like crazy to save$$

On a side note, I use fetch book and it is awesome. If you put the ISBN number in it will come back with a list of all the places that have it for sale


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