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Well I registered for my classes yesterday and I start TOMMOROW! I am taking my pre-req's for a 4yr RN. I haven't been to school since high school...over 12 yrs ago! What I want to let every body know is that when I went to buy my books they were $Outrageuos$ and I spent $315.00 just on 3 books and when I got home I checked out HALF.COM (through ebay) and I bought the SAME books for $164.00!!! So I will be returning the others for a FULL refund as soon as I get the ones I ordered last night :-) Just wanted to let ya'll know!

Goodluck to all.....Me too!



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I'm so excited for you. I remember my first day back (in almost 20 years!), I was on cloud nine and very nervous. You'll do fine. What classes are you taking this semester?

Glad you thought about online ordering. It is exspensive when you go through the college bookstore.

Good luck!!!


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Once you get in the swing of things, be sure to start looking around for used books from others. We used to pass books all around and could really save money this way. Of course, this was only good as long as the edition being passed around was still being used by the instructor.


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P.S. Excellent students could even make some money by including their notes and returned exams with the books. You could pick up some excellent study packages this way.


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good for you, april! enyoy your "journey".


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you saved a lot on your books, that's great.

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Great that you were able to get your books for half price! I've tried to do that too but the online places never seem to have the correct editions. Did you have this problem?



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I had no problem getting the current additions because half.com has this search feature where you can look up the books with their ISBN# so you know your getting the corret book :-)


Yes Im very excited and nervous about tommorow, be glad to get the 1st day behind me! My classes are:

A & P 1

english 1

Dev. Math

general pysch.

8am- 3:30 pm every Tues. and Thursday!

caliotter3 & Everyone

Thanks for the great advice!




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Hey April! Sounds like we're in mostly the same boat. I'm starting on my 4 year degree also, but I have a few prereq's for the pre-req's. UGH. No fun. Does your degree require chemistry? Mine requires 3 semesters of it, and I have never really been "into" chemistry, so I'm hoping I will survive! When do your classes start? Mine begin September 23rd. :p



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im in my 2nd year and my books were astronomical...755.36$ for the FIRST SEMESTER!!! ah well...hopefully i wont have to buy a whole lot for next semester


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Good for you, I love to order books online, aren't book prices ridiculous.. UGH..lol.. Good Luck in your program !

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