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I swear to God, every time I sit down to read for class, I wonder how this textbook got past an editor, or if the editor was just a complete idiot. You may remember this:

Yesterday while reading I did the chapter questions, and went to check my answers against the key. was just completely missing. 1, 2, 3, 5....what happened to 4?

And now this: "Failure of the nurse to embrace the outlined rights of the patient can promote breeches in the relationship between the nurse and the patient."

Really? Somehow pants have now entered the relationship between nurse and patient? I'm pretty sure "breaches" was the word they were looking for.

Errors happen, but come on. Every single chapter has one or more ridiculous things like this. I should not be proofreading my textbooks. I was thinking of sending a note to the publisher about that first error in the link, but now I'm seriously considering a complaint about their seemingly total lack of concern for quality, clarity, or correctness. If I handed in papers written this badly, I'd get Cs or less on them.

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Doesn't it drive you crazy? E-books are notorious for poor editing as well,I have been known to bolt out of the bed and scream!


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A couple years ago, I was teaching typing and found a typo in the typing book.


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And to think, you paid that kind of money for that​ kind of professionalism in publishing.

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That's why I love the "recommended reading" books; those books are usually books that licensed nurses use and have less errors, especially the ones where the resources is needed for a certification test; however, sometimes a few errors can slip through the cracks...that mere mortality thing gets in the way, even with technology!