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Just got back from the Pearson Testing Center, where I completely bombed my first attempt at the NCLEX-PN.

I made it to 88 questions before the screen went blank, but it was the questions I recieved which has me confirmed (in my mind anyway) that all was not good.

The bulk of my questions were what every student fears...pharmacology. Not math, mind you (which I would have welcomed), but contraindications.

None of the meds were anything I'd ever heard of, and absolutely no hint as to why they were being prescribed! "pt. with asthma is being prescribed so and so...".

Nope. None of that for me!

What I got were questions like:

"Xhsjkfhelshjrgehsfgrhns (Plamoriodopolycin) is given to a patient being released from the hopsital this afternoon. What would you tell this patient?"

Then I got some random answers that covered the spectrum of body systems.

Yep. That was fun.

When I reached the dreaded #85...and went PAST it, I hunkered down for the long haul, only to have it shut off at 88 (let's give him three more med questions, then call it a day.)

Soooooooo depressed. No matter how I slice it, taking a wild guess at a one in four answer over 88 questions does not bode well.

One only has to do the math to figure that one out.

I got NO psych questions, NO math, NO peds, and a smattering of maternity questions, some of which were, you guessed it, pharmacology.

I feel like breaking things.

Thanks for letting me rant here.



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Hang in there and wait for your results, you may surprise yourself

Good luck

Is it like a requirement that when you walk out you usually feel like crap? I know I did. I'm still awaiting my official results after trying the pearsonvue trick. We will see, I hate this waiting. I hope you're not in California, because waiting is torture. My results should be coming within this week.


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Did you try the Pearson Vue trick? Best of luck!

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