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  1. asoonernurse

    "You're a NURSE??"

    This is taken from Taylor Mali 's "What Teachers Make" poem. His spoken-word performance can be seen on YouTube. A shame the poster passed this off as his own without having the decency to give credit where credit was due.
  2. asoonernurse

    When do I initial the M.A.R.?

    Hi Neophyte. Pull. Punch. Sign. That's the way I was taught, and it's worked well for me. Either way, whether you sign after punching the med, or sign after administration, if the pt. refuses, you STILL have to sign and document! Regards, Michael
  3. asoonernurse

    No, Caps Are Not Totally Gone

    "She thinks she's probably the only nurse in the area to do so." Maybe the country!
  4. asoonernurse

    Too Old for Australia?

    I've been doing a bit of surfing around the internet, and it looks as though Australia considers me "too old" (I'm 46) to consider...is this true? I'd like to think that I'm still young enough to be able to run circles around some of my "twenty-somethings" co-workers! Nevertheless, everything I've read so far on the Australian Immigration website says, "under 45 years of age..." Any thoughts from those of you "in the know" would be appreciated. Regards, Michael
  5. asoonernurse

    Platt College, Tulsa Campus

    Hi Everyone. Anyone have a handle on the cost of the LVN-to-RN step-up program at the Tulsa Campus of Platt College? Thanks! Michael
  6. asoonernurse

    Pros and Cons of nursing

    McKnis, the is a nursing forum. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even though it may not reflect yours. Telling someone (and everyone) to ignore another member's post (however you may disagree), goes against the spirit of this forum. Regards, Michael
  7. asoonernurse

    Dad Fights Hospital to Keep Baby on Life Support

    Originally Posted by oramar You are confusing me. You say, it is murder to take a baby off life support when the parents don't want them to be removed. Are you then saying it is not murder to take them off if the parents want them removed? You should be careful about throwing those words "kill" and "murder" around in these situations. Human beings are removed from life support everyday and no one is killing them, no one is murdering them. There is an issue here about removing a child from life support without the consent of both parents. It is a valid issue and needs to be discussed and it is no wonder it is ending up in court. A lot of times these things do end up in court for good reason. But using words like kill and murder turn the discussion into something altogether different. It is not murder to turn off machines and let a death that nature intended to take place. It is not killing someone to refuse treatment and allow nature to take it course. Some would disagree with you. But not many...
  8. asoonernurse

    Dad Fights Hospital to Keep Baby on Life Support

    Another question. Is he doing this simply to spite the mother (his ex-, according to the article...)?
  9. asoonernurse

    Dad Fights Hospital to Keep Baby on Life Support

  10. It went something like this: Brand new nurse comes to me about family members bullying her to give "grannie" more pain meds (still two hours to go until her next dose)... I go into the room. Me: "Hi, I'm Michael, the charge nurse. Can I help you with something?" (big smile) Arrogant pup: "You need to give my grandmother her pain medications NOW." Me: "No. Any more questions?" Arrogant pup: "Whaddya mean, "no?!" Me: "It's the opposite of yes. Any more questions?" Stunned silence. Arrogant pup: "I want to speak to the doctor right now!" Me: "No. Anymore questions?" More silence Arrogant pup: "My brother-in-law is a lawyer, ass****, we're gonna sue you AND this place dry!" Me: "Okay. Any more questions?" More silence. Apparently no more questions. Seems they shot their wad of self-important demands and threats and left shortly thereafter. (Still waiting on the phone call from the brother-in-law about the lawsuit, though.) Never let them see you sweat, and NEVER allow a patient's family bully a brand-new, inexperienced nurse into making what could be a career-ending mistake. Those of us with a few years of experience behind us have a responsibility to protect and mentor these kids. I, for one, am NOT a nurse who allows other nurses (or family members) to "eat our young." Just my .
  11. had clinicals with a seasoned nurse of 30+ years, who, when a young male patient "wagged" his penis at her an said, "check this baby out!", responded with "wow. that is absolutely the smallest penis i've ever seen in 30 years of nursing." shut him up quickly.
  12. asoonernurse

    College Nework LVN to BSN only 28K

    Yes. Contact ISU DIRECTLY. Do NOT use College Network. You will, unfortunately, regret it. Good luck. Carolina Nights.
  13. asoonernurse

    Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients(yahoo news)

    Which part of that answer addresses the poster's question on the nurse's responsibility to know a patient's finances?
  14. asoonernurse

    Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients(yahoo news)

    A great many of these people on fixed income in the United States are either on Medicare or Medicaid (paid for by you and I, btw.) Both entities cover for ambulance transport.
  15. asoonernurse

    Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients(yahoo news)

    It does. What you do not seem to understand is that the ambulance company IS NOT involved in patient care. You keep wanting to bring this issue into the hospital, when the subject of this thread is "Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients." Please stay on topic. And, once again, this argument is specious, as it can be applied to any condition (cancer patients, CHF, COPD, etc.) Using your logic, every EMS company AS WELL as every hospital in the U.S. would close.
  16. asoonernurse

    Ambulances start charging extra for obese patients(yahoo news)

    This is a specious argument, based on far too many variables and assumptions. You will need to provide something much more concrete than "what ifs." As for "charging more does not equal collecting more", this argument falls apart immediately as those who do not pay, will not pay AT ALL, regardless of the cost. Those that DO pay, have some kind of insurance to either cover the costs in full, or a large chunk of it. Your belief that the "the EMS companies are going to eat the expenses anyway, regardless", only proves that you do not understand economics, on any level. The cost of these services WILL be payed, either in the form of higher taxes to you and I, or the cost of services, when these same EMS companies go out of business, due to their "eating the expenses..." Either way, SOMEONE pays. That "someone", my friend, is the taxpayers.