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Boards off at 75


took my boards twice and went to 265, third time turned off at 75. I was extremly happy as I was under the impression I passed. however it's a week later and my name still is not on BRN. I'm starting to really worry, as my classmate took the test after me, and his name is on BRN. I feel like I knew the material well the third time, so to think I bombed is unbelievable. anyone with simlar circumstances? and I am able to register on PV (is that a bad sign)??


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Does your state not participate in quick results?

No CA does not do quick results.


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The old PV trick doesn't work anymore because Pearson updated their systems. I guess you're just going to have to wait.

#duskyjewel- Thank you for your comments!! Yes, I will keep waiting and checking website, everyday!

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The CA BRN is a hot mess. Someone just posted they took theirs wednesday and are up and its taken weeks for others. In my class alone the discrepancies of wait times are 2 days to 3 full (21days) weeks. I wouldn't freak out yet.

But it is seriously BEYOND frustrating isn't it? Right there with you!


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California is a hot mess. Glad I don't live there anymore. Sorry to all of you stuck in the mess.

Welcome to California BON, where rules are made up and the quick results don't matter. Best of luck!

I waited almost 3 months for my authoration to test letter, by the time I took it, I felt like I forgot everything. Yet there advice is to take it asap right out of nursing school but that was out of my control.

nursabina, Results can show up anywhere from hours to weeks. Don't get discouraged!

I would keep checking several times a day until it shows up or you get mail.