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Board Order


Has 33 years experience.

After 2 years of monitoring I finally received my Board Order! I have been ordered to fulfill the requirements of my TPAPN agreement, and once done the order remains confidential. I feel like I won the lottery! It could've been worse. No suspension, no fine, no crazy classes, no web site reprimand. I am ecstatic! Feeling truly shined upon!

so very glad for you! congrats!! does your TPAPN start now- or you already in that process?

Big Blondie, ADN, BSN, MSN

Has 33 years experience.

I have been in TPAPN for about 21 months, so I have a little time under my belt. I don't have to start over. I would've flipped my wig if they had made me! I am still on cloud 9. Just the fact that I wasn't sanctioned for my deeds, and it will remain confidential is a blessing. If you read the algorhythm on the board website for disciplinary action, it is doom and gloom. Just goes to show that the board can and does make exceptions to the guidelines, for which I am grateful for. I am so thankful for TPAPN, I know a lot of folks have had problems with their participation, but I feel like they have been a rescue for me and my career. Enjoying this moment, because I know at any moment things can go to h--- in a handbasket!

Congratulations! I am very happy for you.