which board is easy


i have heard that california board is easy than texas for passing nclex.is this true.and whats the first step to apply for nclex.help me please.i have done bsn from india.

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WHAT? Boards are different according to the State, Please enlighten me?

The exam is the same regardless of the state you take it in.


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I agree. It really doesn't matter. It's standardized exam.


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I want to know whats the first step to apply for nclex for foreign nurses.


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as suggested above. Nclex is an standardized exam

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The US state board nursing exam is a standard exam that is the same exam of all states. It is a National Licensing exam. However....each state has it's own requirements to make you be allowed or eligible to take the exam. Many states are now requiring the English proficiency exam. Many require a social security number issued buy the US government in order t sit for the exam. They will look at you education to be sure it meets US standards...some states are more stringent than others. You need to decide which state you wish to reside in and check with that nursing board.

This is the forum for these questions.


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Thanks esme....do we need ielets in texas for appearing in nclex.

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I suggest you read the state Board of Nursing website where the requirements for International Trained Nurses are listed. Also read the forum as much already written on Texas