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Merry Christmas Everyone. I am new to this site and am enjoying the information that is shared very much. I would like to know if anyone who is a BLS instructor has any info to share (good or bad). I have been an instructor for about 4 mths now but only taught about 4 classes. I am a fulltime pediatric triage phone nurse so I really only have 2 Saturdays and 4 Thursday's avail to teach. I have signed on with our town Community Center for quarterly classes but it hasn't got off the ground yet. Any advise?

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It will take awhile to get off the ground esp. this time of year. Wait til after the new year but start your marketing strategies now. I put up flyers on every bulletin board I saw, was a guest speaker at the Chamber of Commerce (I demo AED and how simply they were to use as well as a few basics, answered questions) and any other groups I could--safety meetings at manufacturing plants then I would usually get the contract to teach CPR/BFA classes for them. I called the Boy Scouts/Girls and teach reduced fee classes to leaders and then their husbands booked me for classes where they work. Hand out flyers to MD/dentist offices offering to come to their office over lunch for a few days or after work to teach a class. I also included a few mock drills on handling emergencies in the office--who calls 911, what door to tell them to use, what to do with other pts in office, simple supplies to have on hand. I offered 1 hr recert classes to RN/healthcare professionals who had to recert by 3 pm to go to work and had recertified for the 50th time. If they passed it-they got a card. If not, had to sign up for a full class.

I would tell people if they got 8 people together I would teach a class at the location they chose--sometimes it was in peoples homes, sometimes businesses and even restaurants would let me use they conference room for free if we bought lunch.

I printed up labels with my business name and phone number and stuck them on all my handouts/books. Slip a flyer in every book you hand out. Contact the school district/Little League and see if their coaches need certified. You may end up doing where they work too. Go to daycares...

Have Manikins--Will Travel was my motto. Be sure your classes are fun and non threatening (remember the CPR instructor from Hell???). If the cards were good for 2 yrs I would encourage them to call me at 1 year and I would do a free, 20-30 min refresher for anyone in the original class.

I have not taught a class in 4 yrs but still get calls almost weekly from people wanting's all about marketing, marketing, marketing. Go to them, don't wait for them to come to you. I ended up teaching well over 1000 people CPR/BFA. When I went shopping I would hear people saying, "Annie, Annie are you OK?" LOL!


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Thank you Awsmom8. Your words of wosdom are very encouraging. I appreciate your help.



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Wow, Awsmom8, you really are awesome. Your marketing techniques are amazing, and I bet you teach a great class too! I am not an instructor, and would never want to be one but, I admire those of you that can do this work.

Hi, I am starting ADN school in a couple of weeks and being certified before class starts is a requirement. At orientation they mentioned a class that was starting the following night, it filled up quickly with about 60 people. If you have a local community college that offers nursing you may get some clients there.

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