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  1. CarlSagan's Maid

    I cry after I see a baby born-can you give me some advice

    Guy here- I actually choked up a little bit when I saw my first birth, csection, until the dr flipped the uterus up onto the moms belly and started sewing it up, "holy s__t!"
  2. CarlSagan's Maid

    old grad with no experience, can volunteering help?

    Volunteering was how I landed my first job a couple of months ago. You won't do any nursing, pt transport, paperwork, stocking... But it gives you a chance to network, it's not what you know but who.
  3. CarlSagan's Maid

    Online CNA Training in Florida

    hi, i just passed my FL CNA test about a half hour ago. i challenged the test, did not take any classes. the videos mentioned above are good but i mostly watched cna skills videos on youtube. they are better because they go right to the point about the skills you are tested on. go to the prometric website for the list of skills you will be tested on for Fl cna plus sample questions for the written test. in daytona, halifax hospital is starting cna's at about $10/hr. good luck.
  4. CarlSagan's Maid

    Passing Grade

    78 freaking %
  5. CarlSagan's Maid

    Concerned Dad !!!!

    If that was her declared major then you go by the requirements in the catalog for the year she declared. They can't change mid stream, especially a state school.
  6. Grades and NET look good. Have you talked to an adviser? They should be able to give you a feel for how previous applicants fared and what the cut-offs were. Just in case I would register for that one class you got the C in, if you get accepted just drop it otherwise retake it. That all being said I am sure you will get in with what you have, you certainly would have been accepted into my program.
  7. CarlSagan's Maid

    Drug Dosage

    Also, here is a pretty good website for calcs, http://www.dosagehelp.com/ good luck
  8. CarlSagan's Maid

    New RN BSN over 50 and Can't Get a Job

    I would maybe loose the full suit and tie for the interview. Business casual would be less intimidating I think.
  9. CarlSagan's Maid

    Drug Dosage

    Hey Terri, I just had my first dosage calc test, is that what you are trying to prepare for? I don't know of an "easy" way to do it but is really not too hard to do. If you would like I could email you my notes/power point for dosage calcs.
  10. CarlSagan's Maid

    Daytona State January 09?

    Odd number because she dropped some questions. Yea the whole class did do a lot better, some of it was just getting over those first test jitters and seeing how the tests would be but most of it was because different test/different teacher. The test was a bit easier, the multiple choice answers were not quite so arbitrary if that makes sense. Congrats on passing the dosage test. We have our second test in 1020 on Monday, I know what I will be doing this weekend.
  11. CarlSagan's Maid

    Daytona State January 09?

    Yes, 95%. I didn't round up on one of the IM injection questions. How did you do? We only had a few people who didn't pass in days and most of them got 85's so I am sure they will get it on the next one. I got an 87% on Monday's test. Now I am preparing for next Mondays test...
  12. CarlSagan's Maid

    please help :)

    Definitely check the program you are interested in. At my school there is no 5 year cap on pre-reqs.
  13. CarlSagan's Maid

    Huge Nursing School Debt!

    If you got a $75,000 Stafford Student loan the interest rate is fixed at 6.8% your monthy payments would be $863 for TEN YEARS. With interest you would be paying a total of $103,572. Is it worth that?
  14. CarlSagan's Maid

    Daytona State January 09?

    Do you guys take the same tests we do?
  15. CarlSagan's Maid

    Daytona State January 09?

    Wow, that is very sad, sorry to hear it. I have not been to one of the labs yet and I don't plan on going this weekend. One of the girls in my lab group went and they just covered the math and taking vitals. I have got the math covered (I hope) and I am OK with taking BP's as well. So I will be spending the weekend preparing for Teusdays test. What are you all doing for clinicals? We are teaching healthy eating and exercising to 3rd graders.
  16. CarlSagan's Maid

    Daytona State January 09?

    Hey! No, still have the computer just not the time... Truthfully I was a little worried about you, we heard a young guy in the night class died. We wont review the test until next Wednesday but there is some serious hysteria going on, people are upset about some of the questions and some have dug a pretty deep hole grade wise. The added pressure of three tests in the nest two weeks doesn't help. Glad you are doing well, 76 ain't bad considering.