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Hello fellow Colorado RN's! I am a New Grad in the Denver Area who is looking for a wonderful first RN position (like so many others:)). I am a Bilingual Spanish speaker and I hoping to find a Nursing positions that allows me to use my Spanish skills. I am open to all types of nursing. Any suggestions? I know Denver Health has plenty of Spanish speaking clients, but 500 other unemployed new grads want to work there too! If you know of somewhere open to a bilingual new grad please write :redpinkhe

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I would check out inner city clinics (Salud?) or Planned Parenthood.

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County Health Departments also have clinics that can always use bilingual speakers so don't overlook those.

In my area, ad after ad on the employment websites call for bilingual applicants, and many of them require bilingual skills. You should look for similar ads in your area and emphasize your skills when you apply. Good luck.

Thanks for the replies! I'll look into those options. Speaking Spanish or not, here's to employment in the near future for all of us New Grads :-)!

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Salud clinic would be an excellent place, or People's Clinic in Boulder.

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Oh and felicidades!

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