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The way I have it laid out seems like a big risk here. I currently live in TN, but I really want to move to Austin as soon as possible after graduation next May. I plan on getting in touch with recruiters and HR at hospitals down there sometime this summer for sure. So let's say I get in touch with someone, and get offered a job or a position in a graduate nurse residency of some sort right? I would graduate in May, I guess I would take my NCLEX here in TN...but when do I move down there to Austin? Or do I take my NCLEX down there? The risk comes in that if I fail, I'm out a job and I'd be stuck in Austin with no money or income until I re-test...if I took it here, I MIGHT be able to still live at my parents, but that would really REALLY skew my plans on moving down there and having a job..what's the ideal process as far as wanting to move after graduation, taking the NCLEX, and getting hired in a different city?

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If I were you I would go for TX... from what I have read on here, it sounds like the job market isn't bad there. If you really want something, you gotta take risks. Just study your butt off to make sure that you don't fail the NCLEX so you won't have any problems!

You might think that taking the boards for TN may be the safe route to go, but I believe that if you really want something then go for it! You may regret it later, if you don't try then you'll always sit there wondering "What if?"

Hope that helps a little.


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I am in a similar situation. I wish that I had taken the time to ask the questions that you have. I am currently licensed in Alabama, (just graduated this past May). I wanted to relocate to Texas and live somewhere between Austin and San Antonio ( so that I could go back to school in Austin and work in San Antonio) but I'm like you I was so scared that I might not pass NCLEX and I didnt want to be stuck there w/o a job. NCLEX is not at all that bad if you study for it get exam cram cd (those questions are most similar to nclex, take a review class if you can I took Rhinehart review it was great, and do Saunders just the questions...if you have time and view the rationales & PRAY PRAY PRAY, you will be fine. However, if you get your TN license first, relocating isnt that big of a problem I didnt think ....I mean cant you just apply for a license by endorsement ( Im not sure what all is involved w/ that...I really need to look into that) I have just been applying to jobs in Texas, although im only licensed in Alabama, and I would just go from there. I did hear something about there being certain continuing education that you had to complete w/ a new license before you cant get licensed in another state ....if anyone knows anything about this please let me know!!!


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I'm currently in the same predicament. My fiance has a job lined up in NC once I graduate in December. Since I'm entering my last semester in nursing school in Michigan, the time to apply for a GN position is approaching. The deadline to apply in the Carolina Health System is October 15. I'm currently employed as nurse tech in MI, where I originally intended on working as a GN upon graduation. I've asked dozens of people for advice and was hoping I could receive additional help from here?! Through my research, I've learned that you can take the test in any state, regardless of which state you intend on working. So I can apply for an NC license and still take the test in MI. But I'm unsure if I should be applying for a GN position in NC, and then if selected, move there immediately after graduation and schedule to take the exam there??? OR, take the exam in MI for a license in NC... which means I would have to quit my job as a tech or take a step down as a nursing assistant (which means a big pay cut) here in MI until I pass and then move to NC and apply for a job then...??? Also, what if I apply in October and don't get offered a job initially in NC as a GN??? Either way, I have to have a job. It would be impossible for me financially to take a few months off.

As you can see, i'm in the same situation; However, the only advice I can offer is that you can become licensed in TX and take the exam in TN. If you choose to to apply for a licensure in a different state from the one in which you are attending nursing school, contact the state board of nursing in the state in which you wish to become licensed to find out what their requirements are for licensure.


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Is not texas an Compact state with Tennessee. Just look into it and you can find that info by going to Tennessee board of nursing I believe you can have both licenses pretty easily. If you want me to look it up it is no biggy just tell me.

Let's both look it up just to be safe. But from what I found, TN is in a compact with 20 other states including Tx, so that means if I get a TN license...I can practice in Tx? Or is there some catch?


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after graduation from an approved education program you can apply for licensure in any state as long as you have met their education requirements (for example, texas board of nursing requires that you complete the texas nursing jurisprudence exam when applying for either initial licensure or licensure by endorsement). after you have met all requirements and receive you authorization to test, you can then take the nclex at any authorized testing center, regardless of where it is located and the results will be sent to the state in which you are applying for licensure.

the nursing licensure compact works much the way that your driver's license does. if you are licensed in tennessee (a compact state) and want to work in texas (another compact state) you can do so on your tennessee license as long as you maintain legal residency in the state of tennessee. if you move from tennessee and change your state of legal residence you will need to endorse your license to the state to which you move. at that point, what happens to your tennessee license depends on where you relocate to.

if you relocate to a non-compact state then your tennessee license loses its multi-state privileges and converts to a single state tennessee license.

if you relocate to another compact state, when you apply for and receive your new license your tennessee license is inactivated as you can only be licensed in one compact state. most compact states allow you to work for 30 days on your original multi-state license which should give you more than ample time to obtain temporary licensure in the new state.

i have include the following links for your reference as well.

tennessee examination information

texas examination information

texas endorsement information

texas multi-state regulation of nursing (msr) - nurse licensure compact information

good luck in you schooling and future career! :specs:

Wow thanks for the information. So it sounds like I need to graduate in May, apply before that to take the NCLEX so I can get my ATT and take it hopefully within a month after graduation, hopefully have a job lined up in Texas providing that I pass the NCLEX, then pass that Texas prudence test, and have a place to live...In order to apply for a Texas license, do I need to have residency there even though I just graduated in TN and will take the test in TN and haven't moved yet?

I'm wondering when I should start looking for a job over there. Wondering when I should plan on moving, taking my test, it's all about the "when should I do stuff" now. I just don't know if I should move before getting offered a job...but the dilemma gets worse. I'm currently an extern here in TN, and am 99% sure I'll be offered a job here when I graduate...but I just do NOT want to live here. How do I go about ensuring I have a job there before I cut off TN? Why would someone 600 miles away from TN be better than a local TX student? Anyone moved before having a job lined up?


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HOping you can answer this. I'm graduating with my BSN in December 2009. I am hoping to be accepted to one of the MANY new grad residencies in TX. Most of them have a start date of January 12. You work as a GN until your NCLEX. I am assuming you need a GN permit from TX to do this. The earliest I can take my NCLEX in Jan 12. Here is the problem:

I talked to the Texas BON and they said I CANNOT put in an TX Application for NCLEX since my residence (AZ) is in a compact state. I can only apply after I moved to Texas (december)--. So, that leaves me with having to apply for NCLEX licensure in AZ. There is no way I will have a "temporary permit" or graduate nurse permit to practice in TX by Jan12 (start date)

ANy thoughts? suggestions? Did TX BON tell me wrong? The crazy thing is that if I was in a non-compact state I could apply directly to TX with no problems.

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