which is better to study kaplan or ncsbn questions? or both?


I am currently taking kaplan and it will be expired on june 7. I just finish 1300+ qbank questions and scored 60%and i still have remaining questios in question trainer 4,5,6,7. but i am thinking if kaplan is enough. or should i purchase the ncsbn questions too. all i need now is to practice questions. coz here in my area we have a free nclex review every sat and sunday and it is due on june 5 so i dont need to worry about the content. i just need to practice questions. is kaplan enough?or is ncsbn helpful? please advise. thank you very much.


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As per recommendations on here, I bought the Saunders Comprehensive Review.. it has about 5000 questions in it. I asked my prof about it and (I'm a Canadian btw, looking to work in the states after I write my CRNE and NCLEX.. my prof works in Detroit) she said that it's a good book - the more questions the better.


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i tried already the saunders cd comprehensive and Q&A b4 i took the review course from kaplan but seems to me kaplan questions is hard even though i finished all the saunders cd and taking free class review of content every sat and sun. but your right the more questions the better. I may probably take the ncsbn too for more questions. hope it will not be confusing taking different resources.


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our professor told us to answer 8,000 questions before u take the exam esp. if you are foreign educated. i just dont know if ncsbn questions same as saunders or kaplan. i need 1,000 questions more.


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There is no "better" source for study. You have to learn the material no matter what resource you use. Good luck.


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NCSBN review has good questions and it is pretty cheap....I like it