best way to study sata questions


anyone have any suggestions of what to use to study sata questions? is there a book I could get?


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In my experience, the best way to tackle is to treat as true/false...I read the options and ask is this a true statement. If I cannot definitively say yes, then it doesn't make the cut.


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That's the same technique I've been using to study. Seems to help me as well. Also, the Saunders book (blue one) is filled with SATA questions and their rationales are AWESOME. It helped me better understand my mistakes.


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Lippincott has a book just on alternate format questions. It's under $40 new. Good luck. SATA questions are my weak point too. I'm brushing up on content using Kaplan's Content Review Guide. Most of all remember you are not alone. We got through nursing school so we can get through the last hurdle and become the RN's we were meant to be.