Best study program for NCLEX?

Nursing Students NCLEX


I'm prepping to take NCLEX in about 3.5 weeks. My school works with Kaplan and I've been using that so far to prepare. I heard some people mention NCSBN's review and how there were almost repeat/similar questions on NCLEX or that it was more similar in style to NCLEX. What is everyone elses opinion? Is it worth it to just buy both or is one better than the other?

I'm absolutely freaking out so any help is appreciated!!

UWorld, definitely!! :)

I just tested today. NCLEX and UWorld are almost identical!

Questions on UWorld really helped, it felt like I was doing more UWorld questions while taking NCLEX!!

I keep hearing this and I'm getting absolutely terrified!! I should have gotten U World but my school forced us to get Kaplan! They didn't give us any options or anything they just told us if we didn't get kaplan and do everything we would fail. The questions are super hard and the rationales all conflict with each other which is driving me crazy

My school had us do ATI all throughout the program and then our final semester we did Virtual ATI. We had to earn our "green light" in order for our school to send our application for the NCLEX.

IMO ATI was soo much easier than UWorld. UWorld is definitely worth it. :) the rationales are amazing

What ever program you get, just make sure you are hitting some strategies for answering questions about stuff you never heard of. All of the programs are going to rattle off nursing facts but you need to know how they relate to each other and think about what a entry level nurse will actually do. I am also going to hit fundamentals and safety/intervention issues, both the generic and trade names of meds, and lab values.

UWorld!! definitely, no doubt. Also look for the mark klimek audios! super helpful

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