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I've 26 years old, and never been formally diagnosed with plantar fascitis but I am 99% sure it is what I have. My mother and aunt both had the same problem as me.It usually starts flaring up about every 8 months when my shoes become worn out.

I went from Nikes, to addidas, and then asics. I've went through 2 pairs of the asics nimbus and I really like them. They are 100$ and is a bit pricey but definitely worth it to me. It feels as though I'm walking on clouds.

So anyway, my questino for you is what are some good asics shoes some of you nurses wear? Or maybe even someone who has plantar fasicitis, what do you wear? I'd prefer to wear sneakers to work rather than the nursing shoes if it at all possible. I've got about 40 more years left of standing on my feet all day so I need to find the perfect shoe for me.

Thanks in advance!

I haven't yet found the perfect shoe for me, but I have found that the characteristics I need to look for are a combination of cushioning and support, which is hard to find. Supportive shoes that aren't cushy enough kill the balls of my feet, while not enough support kills my arch.

I'm currently having good luck with a pair of the Reebok Zigtechs, New Balance toners, and a pair of Dawgs (not sneakers, but they are super lightweight and velcro so that they secure to the foot).

If you buy a pair of shoes that don't quite do it for you, I have found that the Dr. Scholl's custom shoe inserts help a LOT.

I have been using "Merrell" for the last ten years, soft, lightweight, comfortable and has not been bothering my plantar fascitis

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Z-CoiL® Pain Relief Footwear®

Z-Coil shoes might be unattractive and expensive, but people with plantar fasciitis and other health problems swear by them.

I've had plantar fasciitis for over 20 years. I've gone through so many variety of shoes, tried physical therapy, cortisone treatments and nothing has helped it as much as going barefoot or nearly barefoot and doing my foot and calve stretches. The only shoe that does not bother my feet are my New Balance Minimus 10's. They are very similar to water shoes--no cushion or support. The purpose of going barefoot or nearly barefoot is to strengthen your feet to minimize associated problems. Since going barefoot and wearing my M10's, I have eliminated my back and knee pain and have nearly eliminated my plantar fasciitis.

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at this level, this would be a trial and error situation for someone with plantar fasicitis, however, a couple of my colleagues are content with their z-coil shoes. therefore, give them a try, here's hoping you'll find comfort in any future purchase of shoes... aloha~

I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars in the past year trying to get relief from plantar faciitis. While it is not cured yet, I have found that on days I work 600mg of ibruprofen, kinesio taping (look up on youtube), and Sannitas (used to make dansko before dansko started being produced in China) will get me through twelve hour shifts with little more than slight soreness. On days I don't work I don't take the ibruprofen. Doing the stretches is extremely important! Get them in whenever you can. I no longer do cortisone shots because I found when I could not feel it I forgot to do my stretches and I was not healing.

The kinesio taping made a huge difference.

Thanks for starting this post, I'm in the same boat, 26 and pretty sure Ive got PF also. Soooo painful at times I can hardly walk. While I don't have a particular brand to recommend yet, what I can say is that shoes that have a bit of a heel help tremendously. NurseMates Bryar looks like it would work well for me.

also try, they have a wide variety of supports and inserts and stuff that may help.

I just bought some Klogs today because my Danskos were making my feet hurt soooooo bad! I feel bad because those Danskos were so expensive and my dad bought them for me. I had heard they were really good shoes so I really wanted some. The lady at the uniform store told me that my feet would get used to them after a while but my feet were not very happy after 3 twelve hr shifts !! I'm going to complain tomorrow lol.

I could tell a difference in the insole with the klogs; cushion, arch support, and wide in the front ( enough room for my bunion). I work on Thursday so I will keep you guys posted on how I feel after work! The design is pretty funky but at least my feet will get some attention and hopefully I'll have Happy Feet!! ;)

I know this is an older post but if people are still reading this I might have a good suggestion for those with plantar fascitis. I my self suffer from this...or did suffer. After talking to some strength trainers, athletic trainers and MD's I came across a technique that worked and worked well. It is called the Graston technique. There is a website were you can learn more and find a PT chiropractor or person who is licensed to provide this modality. It worked wonders for my PF, and is working wonders on my now acquired Achilles tendentious.

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