best scrubs for thicker thighs


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I seem to have an issue no matter what brand of scrubs I wear. They wear out in the inner thigh area. I am a little chubby and do have some thigh rub but I don't think they should be wearing out as soon as they do. Any ideas how to make them last longer or what brands are better for this. I do buy scrubs tight fitting ones ;) Thanks

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you need to make,, or have made, your own, with a gusset in the inner leg seam. this will prevent the seam from rubbing the opposite side fabric.

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I like loose fitting scrubs I can move in (Important for psych nursing) Also a bit on the heavy side - I wear mostly Scrub Star sold exclusively at Walmart. They are higher end on price but have a nice no-iron texture and they breath.


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I'm certainly not thin! My clothes size is from 10-16. I've been a 12-16 for about a year. I buy koi. They seem fine for me. No extra wear. I have hips and a large arse. One retailer explained to me that if you buy petite (short) koi pants, the hip/butt area is smaller. So I pretty much but regulars, even tho I'm short (62")

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Buy a size up. I used to have the same problem. Even after I lost a lot of weight (I'm still a bit in the chunky side lol), much to my chagrin, I still had thick thighs! :mad:

Don't buy any close fitting ones, like the flared leg ones. Good luck!