Best Pulse Ox, Thermometer, BP?

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I am looking to purchase a pulse oxidizer, temporal thermometer and bp wrist thing. Any suggestions on what brand to buy, or what brands to stay away from? I am looking on Amazon, but with all this covid it seems there is low stock and the expensive ones are only what is available at this point. I will probably end up looking at stores for a thermometer, if any of them have them in stock. Thanks guys!

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If you are going to buy a BP cuff, by a proper one. IMO the wrist ones are not that accurate.

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Just know that some facilities prohibit staff from using anything other than facility-provided equip. Has to do with accuracy and calibration stuff.

And if you drop it, or it gets lost or stolen, you are S O L. (Pulse oximeters are like high end items, highly coveted.)

If they're for your own home use is one thing, but I don't know if I'd be wanting to take MY own equip to work with all the inf control issues right now!

Our company equipment is not reliable and most nurses buy their own.

Haven’t been able to find a thermometer anywhere even online. You may have to look for awhile.

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I've gotten my supplies from this company for over 30 years that I used in Home health satisfied with them --- only replaced BP cuff 2x. . My former employer also gets BP cuff/pulse ox from them to give to all staff.

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