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Hello all! I just moved to a smaller area and now am pretty limited on my options for purchasing scrubs. I was told to try buying some online. There are tons of sites though. I am not much of an online shopper so any suggestions would be great.. Where is the best place to buy scrubs online?? Also, what is your favorite scrub brand and why?

Probably sound like a broken record :) but i love Butter-Soft scrubs Butter Soft Scrubs by UA™ exclusively You can only get them at Uniform Advantage, but they are just SO soft, and have stood up with the test of time. Bonus is that they come in a ton of fun colors!

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I use for the past 11 years. They have constant sales in brand name scrubs (I wear Cherokee and Dickies) and they have their own line which is reasonable, and durable. I also get my littmann sethoscopes from there as also get a percentage off of your order when you reorder as well.

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Lydia's unifies is great too. Carry urbane in the linger length which I love. Sign up for their texts for coupons.

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I'm also in a rural area. If you check around at second hand shops, you might be surprised! I just discovered one in a nearby town that carries a very large supply of scrubs, most of which are new with tags. I've heard they buy out the remaining scrubs from the nearby hospital's scrub shows & resell them at $10 each (& they are name brand!). They sell used scrubs for $5 & the supply I've seen look like they were not worn much & in nearly new condition. Online, I've ordered from Tafford's & Lydia's.

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I love, love, love Smart Scrubs | Nursing Scrubs, Medical Scrubs, Uniforms and Accessories . GREAT selection, their own S.C.R.U.B.S. brand has the brightest, most interesting prints. AND they include a color chart so you can tell if the print top actually matches your royal blue pants, or if it's navy - something it can be really hard to tell not seeing it in person. They are a little pricy, but they wear. like. IRON.

I like aviator scrubs but I hate their woman's top (it's too baggy so maybe a smaller size for me). What I plan on doing in the future is order a different scrub top from a different provider as we can do white scrub tops at all hospitals except one. If they don't have your color, it could be 4-6 weeks before the stuff arrives. I think mine shipped in 3 weeks with the custom color.

Allheart takes forever whenever I order items from them. I think it took about two months to receive all of my "in stock" scrubs that became out of stock 3 weeks later. They did not bother telling me that their instock items were not in stock.

Allheart has a big selection of scrubs in all price ranges. But what I like most about allheart is that it also has different sizes (for instance xxs, or xs tall) that some online scrub stores don't offer. I've also recently ordered off of Metro Uniforms and shipping was fast and returns easy!

I like metro uniforms and all heart as well. I also purchased some scrubs from rmf scrubs. I'm still looking for attractive scrubs for plus size petites. I would like to try on a bunch of scrubs from different companies.

My current uniform is so unattractive, it's sad. Lol

Specializes in Public Health, L&D, NICU. definitely! I second the poster who said they love Uniform Advantage's Butter Soft Scrubs! UA also carries many other brands and extended sizes.

If you have money to burn and want some really excellent scrubs, there's Sassy Scrubs, too. They custom make scrubs. You pick the fabric, style, and size, they make them and send them too you. I used them for my maternity scrubs. They make really good scrubs. Their workmanship is great. They are a bit pricey, though.

I was shopping at our local scrub boutique and fell in love with the Cherokee luxe scrubs but it was almost $60 for the set. I tried amazon, and got the set for $30.

If you like Cherokee, I think the best website is - I love the Cherokee Luxe, Core Stretch, and Pro Flex lines and I can get them cheaper on this website than I can at my local scrub store. They run 20% off coupons ALL the time and shipping is ALWAYS free if you spend only $25!

Just an example

Style No. 2698 Pro Flexibles V Neck Scrub Top

My Local Store

$28.50 (retail)

- 5.70 (20% employee discount)


+ 1.60 (7% state sales tax)

$24.40 TOTAL

$ 19.99 (retail)

- 4.00 (20% off Promo Code)

$15.99 TOTAL

(there is currently no sales tax for online purchase and I always buy at least 2 items bringing me over the required $25 for free shipping)

They also sell Dickies and few other brands! Hope this is helpful (sorry it's so long)

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