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Best Nclex recommendation

simmonsj simmonsj (New) New

Can anyone tell me what would be the best nclex study guide I can follow to pass boards? I have taken it 2x and failed.

I used Kaplan and passed with 75 questions. I walked out of the testing center feeling like I passed. I felt very much prepared.


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Hey Simmons,

I'm a new graduate nurse who passed his boards earlier this month. I decided to purchase the Kaplan review. I did the in class review for two weeks then I directed my attention to the online content which included multiple tests and Q bank questions. I can say with confidence that Kaplan absolutely helped me passed this exam. The program is expensive but I really just didn't want to risk failing it. And now that I've passed I think it was definitely worth it. I ended up doing a total of approximately 1500 questions before the exam (which I found out was a lot less than many of my peers). But I felt very confident going into the test and passed after approximately 100 questions. I don't remember the exact number. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

Simmonsj: No, we can't. That's because we don't know what your weak areas were, WHY you had failed twice before. What one person uses as a study guide and passes, another one uses and fails. It's NOT the GUIDE.

Take a look at your performance report, received when you last failed. What does it say? Do you have knowledge deficit....trouble with strategy....prioritizing issues? Is there an area of study you just don't know too well?

The type of review program has no relevancy until you know WHAT went wrong.