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Best bags for work


I have worked in Healthcare for 3 years but never had a need to carry a bag before I became an RN. Now that I'm an RN I find I have a lot more stuff that I carry to work with me. We don't have lockers in the dept I work in so whatever I need I have to carry and leave at my spot in the nurses station. I need a bag big enough to carry my "blow out kit" (spare change of clothes because the surgical scrubs we have fit me poorly), all of my paperwork, my calendar, wallet, and some other miscellaneous junk. I want it to be sturdy, zip closed, and have sturdy sides so it doesn't collapse.

What bag do you carry? Are you happy with it? Thanks!


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I used this bag by thirty one bags: Deluxe Utility Tote in Bubble Bloom | Thirty-One Gifts

I had a different design. I could fit everything in this: personal size deodorant, hair spray, lotion, Motrin, stethoscope, many neutral lip sticks and chap sticks, bed bath and beyond spray and lotion, a few note books, many sharpies, many regular pens, a sweatshirt, tampons, a wrist BP cuff, brain sheets,water bottles , sometimes food, nuts, etc.

I thought my bag was super huge.

But, My boss complimented me on my bag and told me she wished she had one like it.

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I simply use a JanSport backpack. They're roomy, sturdy, and have a limited lifetime guarantee. It holds my stethoscope, pens, badge, scissors, binder, and other junk.

We have small lockers so I carry a plain old cheap back pack from Walmart for my wallet and larger items. I use a scrap booking bag to keep my pens markers sissors, screw driver pliers ( I sounds weird but you would be suprised) pill crusher ect. I keep exter scrubs in my little locker but could easily keep in my back pack.


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Ugh, no lockers.

For work I have Vera Bradley tote. But if I had no locker I would bring my Nike gym bag. It's pink and black and big enough. And cute!

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When I worked hospital I used the same bag that I carried on the bus every day. A 5.11 Tactical Rush 24. Plenty of room for everything I need, and then some.