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  1. TransportJockey

    What kind of RN do you want to be?

    Could always do pediatric er lol
  2. TransportJockey

    ER Wishlist Items!

    I love them. We carried Troponin, CG4 and Chem8+ cartridges at my last job on our ambulances.
  3. TransportJockey

    The Wait for Community College Nursing Program -_-

    Sorry I meant Excelsior. It's an online school for LPNs or Paramedics with previous healthcare exprience to get an ADN
  4. TransportJockey

    The Wait for Community College Nursing Program -_-

    I got very discouraged with the fact that even after prereqs, for an ADN I'd be waiting at least a year before I could start school. Plus normal school would be a very hard thing for me due to work scheduling, so I just opted to do Excelsion, since it's an option for me.
  5. TransportJockey

    ER Wishlist Items!

  6. TransportJockey

    Offered 7P-7A position but I am confused please help

    I had that shift when I got out of orientation as an ER medic because they were the only open nights. It sucked. Luckily it was only for 4 weeks until our next schedule cycle started.
  7. TransportJockey

    Higher Calling

    I keep hearing the ems volunteers spout the same line of BS that its a calling. Or the very low paid career emt basics. I honestly do think it's an excuse people find for themselves to justify why they still work in that field if it can't provide for them
  8. TransportJockey

    4 Point Restraints in the ER. Is that Abuse?

    Happens with rotor crews too. With a patients feet right by controls, you dont want a combative patient that's concious.
  9. TransportJockey

    An RN who isn't good at math?

    I hate math. I have taken college algebra twice in the past and trig once. But I can do med math in my head and have no issues doing the math that being a nurse or medic requires (med calc is the same no matter which position I might do now or in the future). I'm doing beginning algebra for my EC requirement.
  10. TransportJockey

    Just a Nurse

    Doesn't bother me. But then again i tend to get called just a medic in very condescending tones by some nurses on a regular basis, so i don't let anything like that bother me anymore.
  11. TransportJockey

    What kind of RN do you want to be?

    Im aiming for ER/ICU and eventually switching seats and working as a flight nurse. I just know i don't want to work med/surg
  12. TransportJockey

    Problems with ER

    The two facilities I have worked in allowed the ER medics to transport any patient up to the floor, including drips and monitors. Vented patients were the only ones we didn't go alone to, usually those had an RN and RRT along with the medic.
  13. TransportJockey

    App error - do I till have even a tiny chance of getting the job???

    I have done something similar. As long as your resume shows the correct dates, you can point to that and help prove that it's an honest mistake. Good luck!
  14. TransportJockey

    Luck with Excelsior?

    I'm doing an online class now, and so far it's not bad. I'm also doing my math through ALEK and getting ready to test out of A&P. So far it's not a bad option, especially considering 1) I'm too impatient to wait for a program to open up near me (I need to finish pre-reqs) and 2) I work an odd schedule that doesn't lend itself to school or clinicals.
  15. TransportJockey

    RN to Paramedicine?

    If you don't want to work as a paramedic, I don't see how it would benefit you to become one. And with teh exception of the FL loophole and the Creighton University bridge course (geared towards active flight/ED nurses) I don't know a way of becoming a paramedic without going through the entire program. You'd need to get your EMT-B, then apply to a paramedic program and most of them are full time for 2-3 semesters. If you can't find a time you can take a single class needed for your BSN I don't see how you'd be able to put aside your nursing career for a year or two while you do a paramedic program.