Benefits... No need is good news?


I'm thinking of leaving my current job and last week had an interview at a local adult day health center and loved it. I met with the director who was wonderful and we really hit it off. She wants me to come back on Monday and meet with the director of nursing and told me to bring my nursing license/ bls card/ social security card etc which I took to mean good news. The director did mention that she won't be there on Monday when I come in.

I feel like we talked about everything at the interview, but she never mentioned benefits. It's a relatively small place (around 40 employees) -there's no HR or anything. I tried looking online and there's no mention of the place on glassdoor or anything like that. I'm just curious... Has anyone ever had this happen and then been pleasantly surprised at the benefit offerings or is this usually a bad sign? I carry the insurance for my family so this is a biggie for me.



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I doubt that benefits beyond what is required by law would be offered by this small employer. You should find out at your next contact and act accordingly.


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I would definitely ask when you go in. I work for a slightly larger facility and my employer doesn't offer insurance. A company that small wouldn't be required to offer it, you never know though.

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You never know. If they profit. Lot, and the owner wants their employees to be happy they might offer benefits! It just might be a higher copay and rates than whatever you have now.


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If they have less than 50 employees they are not required to offer benefits. You need to find this out ahead of time.

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Have you been formally offered the job? Sometimes benefits aren't discussed until

after the formal job offer. But, the other posters offer good advice and

information.... the place may not even offer benefits since it is so small.

Definitely find out before you accept or sign anything! Good luck.

Oh, one other thing... just an example... the adult day centers in my area

are all owned by a larger company... in which case they are required to

offer benefits I do believe, since the company as a whole employs more

than 50. My point is, if your center is also owned by a larger corporation,

then more than likely they offer benefits.


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For what it's worth, my husband works for a small company with only 4 employees and he is offered health insurance. We use mine now but we used to use his and it wasn't bad. Just see what they say, many small businesses do offer it even though they don't have to.