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I graduated in December and started an internship in January. I had hope that it would be great, I knew I was going to have to work hard, but I also thought there was going to be support. My preceptor tells me I am doing great, but on my days off I am so down, feel so defeated and depressed because I start to remember things I forgot to do at work. This week, I forgot to write an order that I took over the phone, it wasn't for a medication but it was for a vent change that was made without me writing the order. I didn't remember until two days later in the middle of the night when I woke up in a complete panic. Then the next couple of days I am off, I am completely depressed, to the point of not enjoying my life and wanting to sleep all day. Maybe I am not meant to be a nurse. What do I do now after spending all those years in school and neglecting my family?:crying2:

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I totally feel the same way all of you do! I'm 10 months into my job, going on 11... and I hate my job, and am finding that I am depressed because I work night shift and my family and friends live 2.5 hours away. The day shift are truly mean and it feels like you have to walk on eggshells to work around them and make triple sure you are doing everything right. It is also hard to find the motivation to find another job, but the possibilities for a new job are much better than when i first started as a new grad. I'm just feeling a bit in a funk. I will be looking for new jobs soon closer to home and the city, just thought i needed to rant. thanks for reading!!!

Wow hunnybaby24 I can relate to your situation my family and bf all live in the city and I am about 2.5 hrs away from them. I live in an apartment with a friend I graduated with but she is about to leave because she has gotten her experience at the hospital. I currently miss my family, friends, etc. I miss everything!!!... The first day I came up here I was crying uncontrollably because its a different environment and I became home sick instantly. I just finished my in class orientation and tomorrow will be my first day on the floor. I am nervous and I already feel overwhelmed because I know it will be a lot. Its been very hard these past days and I know it wont get easier. Just hope i'll be fine!!!! :confused: I dont think clinical rotations prepared me for the real world of nursing!!

I graduated in May and we were given a lecture by a guest speaker telling us to expect many ups and downs over the first year of being a new nurse. She recommended going on a weekend getaway 6 months in. All new nurses go thorugh a transition; we've finished school, don't see our fellow student nurse support system as much, and feel like we should 'get' how to be a great nurse. I was feeling very down at the end of my last semester. That should have been a very happy time! I think recognizing your own feelings is the key. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon!

Just be lucky you all are not in the float pool as a new grad. Yup Float pool different preceptor every night half the time they don't know that I am coming. It is TERRIBLE!!! They all have their own clicks and I cannot seem to penetrate any of them. I have oriented on 10 floors and next week I am on my own. I want to vomit! I have no support I feel like I go and do my best but I am getting in my own head and it is causing me to make mistakes. Like a few weeks ago I left without giving report on a pt!!!! WHO DOES THAT! When I pulled into my driveway my heart hit the ground and I had to call and look really stupid. I recieved a call that I have to have another orientation to that unit because of it and I am dreading showing my face cause I feel so stupid!!!!! I hope this gets better I am not sure I am going to last. Plus it is a teaching hospital and we have all new residents and they look to you for direction and I can barely direct myself, UGGGHHH dreading work tonight for sure!

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I have been feeling like this. I'm starting my 4th week (out of 6 weeks) of orienting on the unit and although I can say that I truly LOVE my job, I always have those "after shock" moments - "omg, I didn't mention this in report" or "I forgot to do this" etc and I worry AFTER my shift if my patients are okay...I, too, would be asleep and suddenly wake up because of something I didn't pass off in report, or something I forgot to chart..this happened to me the other day. I forgot to chart my patient's pain reassessment after administering morphine. Now I was in there at report time (we do reports at the bedside) and the patient was sleeping comfortably so I wasn't concerned, but I still forgot to document it on the MAR. I went home in the morning (I work night shift), went to sleep...woke up at around noon thinking of this and literally freaking out because I forgot to document it! I'm still brand spankin' new so I hope this goes away with time. I haven't been feeling depressed or anything, but my anxiety levels have been through the roof!

As I mentioned, I'm new - new to nursing, new to my area, new to the hospital system. It's really tough when you don't have the same support system you had while in school - it's hard moving away from everyone and coming to a place where no one really knows your work ethic. I can tell you though, my work has an amazing support system - everyone I have come into contact with have been super helpful and receptive to any questions I have, and everyone always asks if I am doing okay. The other night I was absolutely flustered trying to play catch up, and everyone asked if they could help in any way. One nurse stopped me and ordered me to sit for a moment and told me "if you keep running around like that you're going to pass out! now SIT DOWN" :lol2: That makes a world of a difference. It also helps to talk to someone - I still keep in touch with my nursing buddies back home and that's who I vent to, or to my fellow coworkers. My husband isn't as helpful lol, but that's because he just doesn't understand where I am coming from. I know this will all get better with time. All of us just need to hang in there :hug: :redbeathe :nurse:

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