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Hey everyone, I know the BCIT January 2019 admission deadline is still a ways to go but I just wanted to know how many people are planning to apply, and also exchange some advice and questions with each other.

First off, I'd like to show you what I am applying with:

Highschool reqs

Precalc 12 - 99

CHEM 11 - 86

UNI reqs (UBC)

ENG112 - 74 (B)

PSYC101 - 72 (B)

CPSC - 86 (A)

STAT - 82 (A-)

A&P1 - TBD

A&P2 - TBD

I'm taking A&P in the Summer


- senior home (occupational therapy) volunteer

- first aid volunteer

- pharmacy assistant volunteer

Here are my questions:

Does BCIT determine your GPA based on your own university's grading scale? Or their own? And also, I'm not too sure about how to calculate GPA, since there are so many different scales online. Can anyone provide an accurate estimate of my GPA?

Does number of hours you've volunteered matter? Or do they consider it by months? Because I don't see a box where you input how many hours in the form.

How strong does my application look so far, and any advice?

Hey! I'm so glad you started this thread! I've been reading the January 2018 thread and it's making me so nervous! I plan on applying for the Jan 2019 intake too!

Your application seems pretty good! I just finished my pre reqs and it was my first year of post secondary, so I'm worried that they won't like that I don't have enough credits. I plan on taking LIB 7001/7021 during the summer and applying before the aug 31st deadline!

As far as volunteer hours go, I think they go by the months! I've heard that the time doesn't matter as much as the roles you actually took on at your volunteer places. I don't have any health related work experience, so I don't know if I should mention my job in retail in the application? It's a fast paced environment LOL? thoughts?

Hey, try to apply to as many volunteer positions as you can over the Summer. I heard from a friend in nursing that experience in a senior home is better than a hospital, because you actually get to interact with patients more. But that's from her experience. I also heard that you get an advantage in applications for taking LIB courses at BCIT, so that's definitely a bonus. How are your grades?

My grades are pretty good:

Eng: B

Psyc: A+

A&P (1): A-

A&P (2): A

Stats: A+

Eng (2): B+

However, even though my gpa is relatively good, a BCIT program advisor told me that they accept people on a point system. The most points are given to people who have previous degrees or usually over 60 credits, so that's what scares me a lot. I will only have 24 credits!

Yeah, I would definitely start finding some related experience. Maybe two different volunteer positions.

Yeah, I have plenty of related volunteer experience, but the BCIT advisor said they look at related WORK experience in their point system, not volunteer.

Oh, then they don't even bat an eye for volunteer experience at all?

I'm planning on applying for the April 2019 intake also. My GPA is great and although I have 11 years of experience of working in the hospital, I will have only 30 credits when I apply. After speaking to a BCIT advisor, I was told this:

The January 2017 class demographics are:

66% have degrees (the majority BSc)

28% have over 60 post-secondary credits

6% had between 27 and 59 credits - of this group every student had other factors in their application that boosted their standing, the majority being health-care related work experience.

I hope I fit into the 6%.

So, I was just wondering, what made you choose the April intake over the January intake? If you don't mind me asking

Don't mind at all! I have children and January would be too soon to arrange for childcare. I might apply for it anyway but truthfully, I am really hoping for April or even September.

This is what the advisor said about the Jan 2018 intake. I got really nervous after reading this e-mail, and I'm hoping Langara works out if I don't get accepted here.

For your information, the January 2018 class demographics are as follows:


•53% have degrees

•29% have over 60 post-secondary credits

•10% between 40 and 59 post-secondary credits

• 8% less than 40 post-secondary credits (this group had other factors in their application that enhanced their standing, the majority being health-care related work experience)

Health Care Related Employment (paid)

•48% had health care related work experience

Advisor told me that they look at:

1) Credits/Degree

2) Related work experience

3) GPA

In that order....sooo volunteer isn't there

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