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Baylor Shift still around?


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Does Baylor shift still exist. Is it a thing of the past? Just wondering.....

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At my hospital it is. We have nurses that work 32 hours on the weekends, and get paid for 40.

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The Baylor nurses at the hospital I'm at work 2-12 hr day shifts(Sat/Sun) and get paid for 36 hrs. Management says it's a good recruiting tool. They can say in the interviews that a regular full time day position 7a-7p generally does not work any weekends. Good retention that way. I've been here 6 months and no one but the Baylor nurses work Sat/Sun on my floor. Nights are a little more tricky, because you have Fri/Sat/Sun to cover.

At another major hospital in the area, they are supposed to phasing out Baylor to save money and scheduling nurses every other weekend or every third.


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The hospital I work for is phasing out Baylors. If you are currently on a Baylor, you can stay. But no more are being accepted to the program as its "too good a deal" to give out to everyone.

Its two 12 hour shifts (or a total of 24 hours starting from Friday at 1900 to Monday at 0700) and getting paid for 40. So it is a good deal. Ive done it for 2 years (not as a nurse though) and have been EXTREMELY grateful that this shift allowed me to finish school. But it also made it hard as I missed all my families weekend activities. I only have one more weekend on the program though...then Im done and begin my GN job.


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Our hospital never had the actual Baylor; they have a deal where a select few RNs work one 16-hr day, one 8-hr day, then another 16-hr day--not too bad as they still get 4 days off. For some odd reason that deal is not offered to LPNs.....I wonder if that's because we(LPNs) are such a minority at our hospital...????

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The hospital I work at in Rhode Island phased out Baylor nurses.. but if you were hired that way you are grandfathered in. I believe it's the 2- 12 hour weekend shifts and you getpaid for 32. Not positive though. I would love to have that shift! :)

My hospital is discontinuing the Baylor program right now. By June all Baylor nurses will have a different scedule. I guess it cost too much money:(

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I've been working weekend Baylor shifts in nursing homes for the past few years. I work two 16 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday, and receive pay for 40 hours for the week.


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i've been working weekend baylor shifts in nursing homes for the past few years. i work two 16 hour shifts on saturday and sunday, and receive pay for 40 hours for the week.

i used to do that too when i worked the nursing home circuit; it was fine when i was younger--it gets tougher as you age--much greater potential for errors and judgement calls are somewhat sluggish(the 16 hours on sunday turned into 17 or 18 to catch up on all the charting, etc)---it was great when the kids were still at home. enjoy it while you can.

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At our hospital, certain staff have weekend contracts, which means you work every weekend, for which you get paid an additional $100 for each Fri/Sat/Sun in pay period. There is a huge budget crisis going on now at our hospital, so all weekend contracts around the hospital are ending as of the end of June.

I'm not aware of any hospitals in my area that use it but I know some (not all) of the LTC facilities make use of it. I have a friend who does 2 12's (friday and saturday night) and gets paid for 36. Dayshift friday isn't counted on the weekend so the staff who work days under the program work saturday and sunday 12's. Just as friday day doesn't count as the weekend for days, sunday night doesn't count as the weekend for night shift.

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