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Congrats rachelrose!!! I am going for Barry. So, you're in the process of signing the agreement and all the other stuff they have you do? Is your orientation also on 08.17.09? Very excited, congrats again! :yeah:


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What is your email? Are you looking for a roomate? Mine is Aug 31st. CONGRATS!!!


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I'll send you a private message :)


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I am still learning to use this site. :)


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Anyone looking for a roomate in Miami that will be starting Nursing School? Looking for a very neat person who doesnt smoke.


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Congrats to all of you who got the scholarship. Do you automatically get it when you apply to Nova or Barry? Or is it an application once you are accepted? Also, what kinds of things do they look for most in determining who will get the scholarship?


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Hi Tatortots! Thank you. Well, you apply for the scholarship once you have been accepted into the nursing program. It's hard to say what they are looking for. I heard that they do not stress GPA too much since they know it is hard enough to get into nursing school and so that covers the academic part. You would interview with a panel of nurses and they all ask you questions that I guess would reflect on your personality and work ethic. It's more like a job interview since you will have a three year contract to work for them once you graduate. Best of luck to you!


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Today is my interview with Baptist... anyone have any advise? BTW I think Baptist is like 99% the interview... But we shall see. I will share my experience once I have the interview...

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yes, baptist puts alot of weight in the interview but remember how many they have to chose from so you have to come up with something that will make you stand out and make them want you. i know there is alot of competitiion because they will pay for school ( fiu or mdc) and give you a "scholarship" for a private university. that is what they i got from them. but i gave them back much more in effort and work do not let them make you think they are doing you any favors. they are getting as much if not more than they are giving to you. they gave me $7500 and i went to um and graduated. i only went for 2 years and did graduate because i had a bs degree from barry. but, if you do not graduate and/or you do not finish the time you owe then, you have to pay them back what they have "invested" in you. i posted another response to another question about baptist. if you have some other question that i can help you with, let me know.


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I had to post this because I enjoyed reading some of the responses...I totally bombed the recent Baptist Interview...first off, I was not aware that it was a panel interview and I admit it was my complete fault for not being prepared.

When I got to Baptist HR, I still had to wait an extra 40 minutes for my interview...then, when I got into the room, all four women were serious as a heart attack...not one smile...very intimidating! There were no informal getting to know you moments...the first question before my butt even touched the chair was..."we are going to make a big investment in you, why do you think we should invest in you and why do you think you will make a good nurse?" The other questions were those moronic situational questions based on the STAR format...which are worthless, because anyone can rehearse any response to any of those the end, you really do not learn about the candidate you are hiring...only that they know how to BS answers to those questions...those with the gift of gab do the best in these interviews.

I am not exactly a young student, I am an older male and had a successful past career...but I decided to make a career change into nursing, something that I have always wanted to get into...but I guess they did not like my answers to their questions...I just could not do the whole "I have been dreaming of being a nurse my whole life..." response that everyone gives.

After the interview, I left with such a bad taste in my mouth that I am kinda of glad that I did not get the baptist scholar...if the attitude that these four nurses greeted me with is indicative of the type of people I would have been working with...I would rather pass.

no doubt, I am sure Baptist is a great place to work...but I always have my doubts about the quality of RN nursing education that would be provided by Baptist Hospital compared to the qualified professors that are at the actual Medical Campus.

I'm not being a player hater here, just providing my story and my observations. Good luck to all and for those, I will see you at the Medical Campus in the Spring!!!

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baptist has an agreement with miami dade college. that is where the professors come from. baptist is a good place to get your basic years in but they do have a way of making you think they are doing you a favor. i went over this in a previous posting. you have to be true to yourself and if you did not feel in your heart, that is the place for you, i wish i would have had someone tell me these things before, you have to follow your guy. it is their loss. i believe that they should not want "followers" who spew all the same rhetoric. older, seasoned people with world experience would add to their pool of employees. i am older too but, whether it is because of my brain injury or what, i did come accross with the wide eyed naive reflections of an idealistic person. you will find your place. but mdc medical is a mill too. do not be fooled. you will be in a great enviornment but it is becoming a factory. hold on to your individualistic outlook and you will stand out well enough. i wish you the best.


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Im seeking to go to to nursing school and many people have told me about the Baptist Program. I am a bit confused, (lol) do i need to be enrolled to MDC, Barry or UM's nursing program to get to the Baptist program or does Baptist do their own thing where i can apply to them and then do this horrible interview that everyone is saying.

Please let me know....:)

Thank You!

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