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  1. Sounds exciting. Just another few weeks to go. I just registered.
  2. Im going to the Medical Center campus so I am really not sure. Is everyone excited? Lots to do so little time to relax. I cant believe I am actually doing this and going back to school. oh boy.
  3. Ok so time to go through this list. Does walgreens take care clinic give you the titers or order blood work for you? Trying to get that done. May just get an appointment with the doctor so I can have that in sooner. Actually guess it doesnt matter because not getting fingerprinted until AUGUST! Geez no availability. I will probably be the last person to register. I bought one uniform shirt and some other random stuff. I am looking around for some good shoes I can buy. So happy it finally worked out. Everyone else keep your head up! Keep fighting
  4. Hey Everyone, I'm in! :yeah:God is goooooood! Got everything on my transcript cleared up, got my packet, and I will be at orientation on Monday for the part-time. There is a lot to get done before that though! I paid for my seat and the fingerprinting so far. I will be busy the rest of this week completing the requirements.
  5. Sounds like orientation was pretty informative. That is surely a lot of information they gave you. Is everyone excited yet?
  6. 30NCN You can probably go to the school tomorrow and see if they have any open seats available for the part time. Hey you never know
  7. What did they go over in orientation? About how long was it and where did you end up parking?
  8. I have her email!! I am going to work my way up the ladder and go to her if I cant get anyone to help me.
  9. Gods in control so either way I know I will be fine. They wont tell you if you call. They will just tell you the GPA cut off. You would have to come in and be in their face for them to actually do their job.
  10. That is terrible. GPA was probably a little too low or there might have been a mistake. The advisors have the list so you can just come down and ask them. Well I will be in the advisors office all day tomorrow trying to figure out my fate.
  11. It is my ultimate last resort if they are unwilling to help me. No one will respond to my emails or phone messages so I will be there first thing in the morning. I hope by then they will have updated my degree audit. Frustrating experience.
  12. Does any other local school offer a part-time option? I know PBCC does.
  13. Everything is such a struggle at MDC. No one ever know what the other department is doing. That is a shame they missed that you even had a degree!! How do you not notice that? Maybe that is a reason you were not accepted based on their own ignorance. The advisor was trying to tell me to wait until July 12 to discuss my options which would clearly be too late. I decided to go up to the nursing department and ask to speak to someone. They were of course annoyed that I wanted to talk to them but nonetheless they did. At least I was able to get the ball moving and work on my appeal. I should not have to be punished for an advisement department at another campus that failed to advise me for over a year with correct information. I hope they can add my math grade to my audit and have mercy upon me. Who knows. I pray. Have a good week everyone and dont give up...ever! This group is like counseling that we all so need.
  14. I was at Highland Oaks so there must have been another person with the same name! I think the problem is that maybe when they took my algebra from undergrad something went wrong. Too bad after meeting with advisors all this time for over a year I was not told there was a problem of any sort. I am just going to appeal and pray that something can happen for me and that their review will suffice. sigh.
  15. Thanks everyone for your encouragement and I wish you all the best also. Like I said when I went down there they told everyone the cut off for generic full time was 3.75 so best of luck. @Pomakkya I had a friend a long time ago in elementary school down here with that same name and I always loved it because it was so unique.