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Anyone here work at Baptist East in Louisville, or know anything about the place? I'm (still) looking to change jobs and am (still) exploring all my options. I'm interested in Baptist East for a couple of reasons. One, because they have BOTH a Peds unit and a Psychiatric unit, and those are the two areas that I've always been the most interested in. Two, because my husband and I are planning on moving in the next year or two, and are considering moving back to Louisville. So right now I would have about a 45 minute commute if I go to BHE, but it's in the area of town that I really would like to live in; plus my parents live right across the Watterson Expressway from there. :)


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I have never worked there, but I had 2 parents there for several months, so I practically lived there for a time. They both received great care, and the nurses seemed happy where they were- except for the PCU. I spent time on the CCU, Oncology, Neuro, PCU, Rehab, and ICU units. The patient ratios looked like 1:6 on Neuro and Rehab, 1:5 on PCU, and 1:2 on the units. I didn't know they had a Peds floor there.

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