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Yet another new grad that can't find a job. Though in my case its my own darn fault due to having short stay jobs on my resume.

How in the world do I fix mistakes made and prove I can be a reliable employee if I can't get an interview. And since I'm now competing for jobs with the 2009/2010 grads how do I make myself more marketable. I really want to work peds, but know adult med/surg is most likely what I may get. I don't want LTC since all the RN postings I've read are for pretty much ADON type jobs. I'm not ready to be a charge nurse let alone someone like a ADON.

I've had two jobs as an RN, actually one as an RNA and one as an RN. The RNA one didn't work out though I THOGHT I was doing ok, they didn't and I was let go after 4 weeks of orientation. The RN position I moved out of state for and had trouble with the transition from LPN to RN. I honestly thought I was ready to work an intermediate unit, I was wrong. Requested a transfer, but there were no new grad positions available anymore. I admit that I can come across as uninterested at times, especially when I'm overwhelmed. I think I get that deer in the headlights look. I also do know somethings, and what I don't know I'll ask. I don't panic over beeping alarms. I think I was expected to know more than I did because I had been an LPN for 13 years. Perhaps I also thought I knew more than I did. Could be a combination honestly.

How do I get a job when my skills are now going to be so rusty as to be laughable? There are 7 nursing schools in my immediate area so it's not like there is a lack of new grads around here. How do I make myself marketable, or at least get in for an interview? Should I change my resume to a more functional type and how do I do that?


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wow, posted this in Jan and no response. I guess with so many asking pretty much the same question there really isn't any more advice to give.



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If you live near Thomson-Hood, they are always hiring nurses.