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Have a 19 month old and just got accepted to the university of tennessee BSN program. Im considering having another child so that my daughter can have a sibling close in age. Does anyone have advice for how to get through nursing school with two babies or a newborn? Its obvious that i will need good time management skills, but are there any good tips like how you get through studying and how exactly time is managed? Thanks!


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Personally i do not think there is one perfect fit all way that makes live easier in school because i think it partially depends upon what type of student you are and what type of support at home you have. I know of a few that were pregnant or had kids in the program (accelerated RN [ADN]). Its one hell of a fight to stay on top of it all, especially if this is your first rodeo. So many things are happening and going on that require your attention and good grasp that it makes life especially with young children very hard to say the least. Add a job or two in the mix and yes its a daunting task.

If you are the type of student to read and comprehend off the bat then school will be easier. If it requires you to re-read material or listen to the lecture (if its recorded) over and over again then all this adds up time spent trying to be successful. Add in labs days and practice trying to master new skills and then clinicals... yes time seems to always run away from you. Embrace that you are a cow's tail..always behind because at least for us that's how it felt our first year. But then again things are probably slower in a 4 year program, but just as intense. So a newborn on top of another young child may not be the greatest idea at this point until you at least one year under your belt. That way you know the ropes and are able to adjust accordingly.

I myself know when i have to study, how, and what works for me. I am able to plan my weeks and incorporate "family" "personal" time. I have learned this over time. I am also "blessed" with being able to remember stuff to the page number and paragraph and just by reading it understand in my head how things work. Everyone is different. Some struggle even without kids while others handle the challenge well it seems.But personally i think if you have the choice I wouldn't add any more stress than school already brings.


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I would tell you to wait! It is so hard. My daughter was 16 months old when I found out I was pregnant (during my winter break after first semester). Second semester went okay. I took my mental health class over the summer, which was VERY stressful. One because we were going to a psych hospital that was known for its student assaults (luckily, nothing happened to any of us during our clinicals). Two because my due date was very close to the final exam and there would not be a retake allowed if I gave birth because of "limited summer faculty". Three because being in your third trimester sucks. Having to chase around an almost-two year old during your third trimester is like living in hell. And don't forget the sleepless newborn stage. I love my kids, but I wish I would have waited. The guilt I feel over leaving my kids for school and missing so many moments for my youngest would be much less than it is.

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It will be hard....I would do it before you start clinical for many programs will not let you miss for any reason.

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I had my first daughter while in nursing school. I'm not going to lie--it was tough. She was born on the first day of spring break, and I took off the first week back (so went back when she was 2 wks old) and had patho exams on respiratory AND renal. :bookworm: Our instructor gave an examp nearly every week, so I missed the renal one and took them both when I came back.

Study time was story time. I read my notes to her--killed two birds w/ one stone! She was read to, and reading my notes out loud was good reinforcement for me.

I also had to request to be placed into a clinical group that mostly met before I delivered. Clinicals are an important consideration; likely your OB/CNM would *not* clear you to work during the first few weeks PP. But anyway, my cohort was split into clinical groups, and we didn't all go the same days. The instructor said they'll see what they can do but that they couldn't give me preferential treatment. I remember telling her I understood and was not asking for preferential treatment; rather that I was asking for a reasonable accommodation (those magic words) given that there were available clinical hours before I delivered. They put me into the group that was going first.

I don't know what it would be like w/ two very small children though...I've had more babies while chipping away at my BSN, but the bridge program is not NEARLY as heavy on memorizing as my 2-year program. Do you have lots of support at home? Seems that would be vital.


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There is no right answer for this one! Personally, I was working full-time with 2 children while taking my pre-reqs on Saturdays. During my last semester, I was also pregnant with my 3rd! By God's grace, I was able to manage all this insanity and still get A's in all my pre-req courses. So I now have 3 under the age of 5, and just recently been accepted to an accelerated BSN program - thank GOD! As for me, I always say "Do not put your life on hold for anything". Everyday is a challenge, but if you have support from your husband, family, and friends, and with lots and lots of prayers...anything is possible!

Best of luck! :)


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Yeah, i have family and my husband to help me. Its something Im gonna have to think about. Thank you guys for giving such detailed answers and not blowing me off! I just dont want my daughter to be like an only child by the time we have another. Shes gonna be all lonely being the only one. If shes five by the time we have another, its pretty much like shes an only child because she will be nowhere near the same milestones... Idk


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We have waited for baby #2, because we wanted to be responsible and do it when we have the time and money to dedicate to this child. My son is 5 1/2 now, and I'm about to graduate. Once things are settled with work, we'll probably have another. We'd planned to have kids 2 years apart, but life threw obstacles in our way, and we waited. It happens. You have to think about what's best for your kids.

I was 5 1/2 when my younger brother was born, and I remember him being born and my mom being pregnant, which I think is kind of neat. He and I are very close to this day.


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I would wait because does it really matter if your child has a sibling close in age?


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Something to think about: I am 5 years older than my brother and 7 years older than my sister. I have a very close relationship with both of them. However they are less than 2 years apart in age and always seem to find themselves in a petty arguments with one another. Sometimes closer in age means more sibling rivalry. :)


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My daughter will be 10.5 months when I start a BSN program. I'm still trying to sort out school scheduling with her day school and my husband's work, and it's already a little overwhelming, even though there's a ton of support at home. I think I'm still going to feel guilty for not being a stay at home mom and spending that much time with her, like I have been the past few months.

I'd advise waiting, just so that you can be sure you'd have the time to devote to a new baby and your daughter, too.

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