Aww, I wish you could see it.

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a whole section dedicated to outstanding nurses today. It is called the Best of the Best, Nurses doing extraordinary work. I have read it twice and it brings tears to my eye. For the life of me I can't figure out how to do a link so the readers could share.

I went to the web site - to see if I could find the feature, no luck, do you know where to navigate once you go to the paper online? I would love to read it! Thanks!!

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I went to the post gazette website and couldn't find it on-line. As a former Pittsburgher, (including working as a nurse in PGH for 2 years), I would love to see it!!

yeah, i couldn't find it either....

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Cut and paste the URL here, if you can find it.

Must go check the newspaper.

I found it in the print version. It is an insert type of thing. Nice. All of the nurses mentioned except 2 are in acute care hospitals. One of the featured nurses worked at the school for the deaf and one in a list was a home health nurse. Odd...there are tons of LTC, home health agencies etc in this area.

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