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August 15th 2022


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Tweety a play sounds fun

NJ22 I don't think I've been to a fair in decades

Stars here's hoping the PCP and he can come up with a plan

Quieter day yesterday, laundry then church then cooking.  Went on a bike ride in the afternoon, was surprisingly cool and cloudy for August.  Got another wave petunia as the zinnia died. J said he was starting to feel better

Hoping the craziness at work from Fri will be gone.  I would think it would be, this week out team has no one on vacation.  I think that once we start getting into September things will be calmer as we have fewer people on vacation

Will be in the  upper 70s the next few days, no rain expected.  Cooler than I would have expected for August

Tweety, BSN, RN

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Good morning!

Joe, sounds like a good day off and I hope you have a good day today at work.

Stars, glad the questionable gallbladder pain is better.  Sorry about the continued troubles with your husband's alcoholism.  Sounds like he wants to stop.  Any plan that includes weaning and doing it himself at home seems bound to fail as has been proven.  He needs inpatient medically supervised detox.  We have that here in the county for 24/7 admissions.  Anyway, I should keep my opinions to myself.  

Our fairs here are during the Winter to catch the snow birds and not be in the heat and humidity.  The Florida State Fair is in February and close by.  I've been about three times over the years.   There's also a gazillion festivals with a big one being the Strawberry Festival.  There used to be a very popular "rib fest".  

I enjoyed the Neil Simon play yesterday.  The lead was an older woman and the character I believe was 64 years old and the actress was very good.  

Not much going on today.  

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Hello all.

It is 100 degrees out.  We took the RV (it has A/C) to get gas, and then to another place to fill up the propane tank.  Then took it to the DIY car wash, that has one large bay with stairs to a platform on either side, to help with washing the top of the RV.  Spent about 20 min there, didn't get too very wet.  It's not a perfect job but it's a lot cleaner than it was!  We will have some lunch soon, and continue with pre-festival prepping.

ah, dh is just in from cleaning off the solar panels on top of the RV.


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Hello. It is 74 degrees here. The repair fellow discovered a burned out control circuit on the dryer. He was going to see if he could find a used one and call with the price of that or a new one. The service call alone was $130. It's been awhile since I had any come out for a repair. Then youngest ds and I went looking for a power jack for the front of the trailer, so that dh doesn't have to do the hand cranking for unhooking and rehooking to the pickup. Eldest ds will hook it up for us. He used to work on race cars and and has the needed equipment and electrical know-how to attach it. We need to find somewhere to take the trailer to give it a good wash. We also looked at a satellite dish so dh can watch his sports. I hope he plans on wearing headphones if I am with him. The one of best parts of camping is the quiet time for reading. We stopped at Costco for vitamins and dishwasher soap, and hot dogs. Costco hotdogs are one of my guilty pleasures. I should be cleaning bathrooms, but I took a little nap instead. I texted sis; she's feeling enough energy to work in her garden and walk up to a mile, and labs are okay. She is gaining a little weight, not sure if that is improved appetite or fluid retention as they stopped all diuretics. 

Stay cool and hydrated, all. 



dianah, ASN

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I found this and wanted to post it here, for Ado:

**Some Fun Oklahoma History!**

1. Oklahoma produced more astronauts than any other state.

2. The first Girl Scout Cookie was sold in Muskogee in 1917.

3. The nation's first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City in 1935.

4. The shopping cart was invented in Ardmore in 1936.

5. During the 'Land Rush', Oklahoma City went from a vast, open prairie to a city of over 10,000 in a single day.

6. The Oklahoma State Capital is the only capital in the U.S. with working oil wells on its grounds.

7. Boise City, OK was the only city in the United States to be bombed during World War II. On Monday night, July 5,1943, at 12:30 am, a B-17 Bomber based at Dalhart Army Air Base, Texas,

dropped six practice bombs on the sleeping town, mistaking the city lights as target lights.

8. WKY Radio in Oklahoma City was the first radio station transmitting west of the Mississippi River.

9. The nation's first 'Tornado Warning' was issued on March 25,1948 in Oklahoma City minutes before a devastating tornado. Because of the warning, no lives were lost.

10. Oklahoma has the largest Native American population of any state in the U.S. It also has 234 different Indian Tribes.

11. The name 'Oklahoma' comes from two Choctaw words... Okla. meaning 'people' and humma meaning 'red'. So the name means, 'Red People.' The name was approved in 1890.

12. The bread twist tie was invented in Maysville, OK.

13. Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state.

14. Cimarron County, located in the Oklahoma Panhandle, is the only county in the U.S. bordered by four separate states: TX, NM, CO & KS.

15. The nation's first traffic 'Yield' sign was erected in Tulsa on a trial basis.

16. Pensacola Dam is the longest multi-arched dam in the world at 6,565 feet.

17. The 'Port of Catoosa' (just north of Tulsa) is the largest inland port in America.

18. The aerosol can was invented in Bartlesville.

19. Per square mile, Oklahoma has more tornadoes than any other place in the world.

20. The highest wind speed ever recorded on earth was in Moore, OK on May 3rd,1999 during the Oklahoma City F-5 tornado. Wind speed was clocked at 318 mph.

21. The Will Rogers World Airport and the Wiley Post Airport are both named after two famous Oklahomans-- both killed in an airplane crash together.

22. Cushing, OK is the "Pipeline Crossroads of the World" and has the world’s largest storage of oil.

23. The song "Oklahoma" from the Broadway play of the same name is now the official state song.

24. Oklahoma is the only State to have its capital stolen and moved in the middle of the night from Guthrie to Oklahoma City.

25. Guthrie has an original Carnegie Library and the Largest Masonic Temple in the World!

26. Watonga, OK has more rattle snakes than people.

Why Travel To Other States? Oklahoma has other US cities too!

Cleveland, Oklahoma

Delaware, Oklahoma

Kansas, Oklahoma

Orlando, Oklahoma

Miami, Oklahoma

Pensacola, Oklahoma

Pittsburgh, Oklahoma

Santa Fe, Oklahoma

St. Louis, Oklahoma

Chattanooga, Oklahoma

Peoria, Oklahoma

Burbank, Oklahoma

Fargo, Oklahoma

Don't Forget The Wildlife!

Wolfe, Oklahoma

Eagle, Oklahoma

Buffalo, Oklahoma

Fox, Oklahoma

Bison, Oklahoma

Deer Creek, Oklahoma

Elk City, Oklahoma

We Have A Town Named After A Number: Forty-One, OK

And A Town Whose Letters Don't Spell Anything: IXL, OK

We Even Have A City Named After Earth's Only Satellite: Moon, OK

And A City Named After Our State: Oklahoma City, OK

Even Presidential Cities!

Adams, Oklahoma

Carter, Oklahoma

Clinton, Oklahoma

Fillmore, Oklahoma

Grant, Oklahoma

Jefferson, Oklahoma

Johnson, Oklahoma

Lincoln, Oklahoma

Reagan, Oklahoma

Roosevelt, Oklahoma

Taft, Oklahoma

Taylor, Oklahoma

Washington, Oklahoma

Wilson, Oklahoma

Other City Names In Oklahoma To Make You Smile:

Bowlegs, Oklahoma

Bugtussle, Oklahoma

Bushyhead, Oklahoma

Frogville, Oklahoma

Gotebo, Oklahoma

Hooker, Oklahoma

Loco, Oklahoma

Slapout, Oklahoma

Slaughterville, Oklahoma

Gay, Oklahoma

Straight, Oklahoma

And in case you've never been there, you could go to: Nowhere, Oklahoma

No Stars In My Eyes

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Tweety, I agree w/ you 100% that hubby needs a medically supervised inpatient detox. Don't know if he'll agree, because "nobody knows" about the alcoholism. That means Nannie doesn't know and that means his daughter doesn't know. And, I don't think he'd want his bro and SiL to know either, but he never talks with them anyway.  But, if he wants to "be through with this stuff" as he says, he's going to have swallow his pride and not care what any of them might know.

j22, the cost of that service call took my breath! Whoa! And, I would tell your hubby that the earphones are non-negotiable; they must be purchased at the same time as the dish.

dianah, Very funny and interesting list. However, I think you are just a little bit out of your ever-lovin' mind typing all of that out! But I'm glad you did. 😀

Joe, what is a 'wave petunia'? The proverbial "Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion-Patch" maybe?

Okay folks, I am doing this and trying to watch the baseball game and trying to ignore hubby being obnoxious to Nannie, who has been being obnoxious about the neighbor who mows our lawn. He told her there is no reason for her to close the drapes just because the guy is out there riding his lawn-mower 35 miles an hour; he can't see her through the glass, besides which he isn't even looking over in this direction. "There's no reason for you to think a 50 year old man wants to get in your pants and to have sex with a 92 year old woman." Nannie murmured, "You don't know that." Hubby said he knows how old she is, even if SHE won't admit to it, and the neighbor isn't the least little bit interested in her for ANY reason. (Parting shots.)

(I want to sound like a parent, and say:"If you two don't stop, I'll send each of you to your rooms!")

There is a brief rain-delay in the ballgame. Nannie is sitting up and OH! She IS going to bed! Maybe hubby will take his irritable vodka'd self out to his 'office' or upstairs to watch stuff on his phone. Who knows? 

Right this moment, after some door-slamming, it is quiet in the den. Hallelujah!


No Stars In My Eyes

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Braves won over the Mets 13 to 1. The sixth inning lasted for-EVER, but that was okay because that's when the Braves got in 7 or 8 runs. 

All's been blessedly quiet for the past 90 minutes 😌.

dianah, ASN

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(No Stars, I must confess: I copyed and pasted rather than typing all that out!!)

Ado Annie, ASN, RN

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How fun  dianah! My dad was born and grew up in Washington, OK (most inhabitants -- at least when I was a kid -- would pronounce that Warshinton. I drive through the Slaughterville area (take Slaughterville Road) when going to the wildlife rehab. We listened to WKY radio growing up. (later, all the stations west of the Mississippi had 4-letter call signs starting with "K", but WKY kept its name). Maysville (not far away) was also the childhood home of J. Mays, lead designer of the VW New Beetle. I could probably rattle off more fun facts, but that's enough for now.