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August 2010 NCLEX-takers Support Group

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wishNhopeNdreamN specializes in DD, HHC, Med Surg, PCU, Resource.

BTW....I have ordered the Kaplan strategy, and La Charity books. I already have Saunders Comprehenive for RN, Nclex 3500, ATI books and DVD's from school, and a few others including Mosby Q & A on my Ipod. I would love to take a course but there is no way I could swing the finances for it right now. So looks like I am mostly on my own.

Good Luck to everyone!

we can do this... How come i cant get the link of nclex 3500 q's and nclex 4000... anyone help

ashfost specializes in Emergency.

Anyone else feel as though time is just hanging in the balance until August gets here? ::sigh::

I just wanted to wish everyone taking their test in August GOOD LUCK! I know you all can do it!:yeah:

Count me in :). i am planning to take the Nclex Rn as my Eligibility ends at the end of August.

Thank you for starting the support group for August test takers.

I'll take my rxam on august too.i failed my first one last april. Im using la charity and kaplan. Is it really a must to answer at least 3000 questions?

ashfost specializes in Emergency.

I don't think theres a magic number of questions you can do to guarantee you pass. I think it boils down to a solid knowledge of nursing as well as being able to critically think through a situation. If it takes an individual 3000 questions to reach a level of comfort with NCLEX then ok! But its not a requirement. Hope that makes sense :)

Dthib28 specializes in ICU RN.

Siegrid ....your website that you posted does not work:confused:

ashfost specializes in Emergency.

Hey August-Test Takers! I bit the bullet, put more on my credit card than I wanted to, but I have registered my app with the state, paid for my background check, and registered with Pearsonvue. Whew! We're getting closer!!!

Siegrid ....your website that you posted does not work:confused:
oh im sorry about that... how have you been doing with the review so far? im done with la charity and kaplan strategies already. and im finishing my ncsbn learning extention today.you might wanna try it $50 for three weeks. this is my second time taking the nclex and i can say that the post tests are close to the real nclex questions.

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