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Hey everyone. Have any of you dealt with the attorney generals office? My BON investigator told me my case was given to the AGs office and I should hear something soon.

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For me, I received a letter from the attorney general. It stated what I was being accused of and that I had 10 days to send in a statement in writing with my side of the story and if I did not I would need to go infront of the BON.

I did not send a statement to the AG because....I was guilty, and there plenty of proof from the Pyxis and my own documentation that I was. I was trying to get clean and fix my life.

Sure enough, about 3 weeks later I received a letter, e-mail and voicemail with a date to appear infront of the BON.

FYI, the attorney general's job is basically to find you guilty and will come at you with everything she/he has. I went in stating I was guilty and pretty quiet and defeated and she still let into me.

Definitely one of, maybe THE worst day of my life.

Good luck to you!! and if your not guilty, get a lawyer and fight this!!

I guess you don't feel comfortable sharing a generic scenario of what you may be going through? Thing is, I don't think I was ever referred to the AG. But God only knows, my experience has been such an absolute **** storm that I could be on the FBI watch list for all I know. The things the BON finds the FBI in on have been traffic tickets! What I think is no big deal, the BON thinks is horrible.

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I want to put this out there for anyone else that might need advice for AG.

I was guilty of diverting from work, went to inpatient the day after I was caught. While in inpatient I received letter from AG, I did respond and told my story with 100% honesty. The AG told me they appreciated how honest I was and I needed to have my RMA signed by a certain day or they would be forced to proceed. I signed that RMA and sent them a copy and confirmed they received. I was told by them as was my employer that no further action would happen as long as I stayed compliant with my monitoring.

What all did they say?

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What all did they say?

After I was caught, I went straight to EAP and I self reported, the next day I voluntarily self admitted to inpatient. I was told by EAP and my therapist that I needed to respond to the letter with my side of the story. I wrote a very heartfelt letter explaining with a had did, honestly, admitted my mistakes, told them the steps I was taking to correct it, told them how much support I had from my family, my coworkers, my employer, and everyone at my rehab. I did not beg them to keep my license, just told them what nursing meant to me. They called to see if my RMA was signed and it wasn't but not because of me it was because I hadn't received it yet. AG said that my letter said everything it needed to but in order to not purse a petition for suspension my RMA needed to be signed. So I got on them until the got it to me. When I returned it I also sent a copy to AG. They even called my management to verify my story and what I told AG matched with my employer, so AG said they would not be pursing suspension with BON. I may still have to go in front of the board someday, I know it's a possibility, but I have done everything in my power to avoid it. I knew from the moment I was caught that 100% honesty was going to be the only way to go...and I haven't stopped. That is the only reason why the AG is not pursuing my license and the only reason I still have job.

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