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  1. RN0904

    Diversion for Criminal Charges

    From what I have been told recently, everyone who diverts is getting charged now in Indiana. I am fortunate that my lawyer was able to get me a diversion deal, not drug diversion court. I was able to prove my good standing in monitoring, therefore all I had to do was pay the court costs. No probation, no community service, nothing else. There will be no charges on my record.
  2. RN0904

    *****! Criminal charges!

    I think I have talked about my past before but here is a short recap. I was caught diverting meds 4 months ago. Less than 24 hours later I was an inpatient in a recovery center where I spent 29 days. When I entered rehab, I was immediately placed on FMLA (my hospital did not fire me). My employer did have to report me to attorney general and I was contacted by AG. I am very blessed d/t having multiple people backing me and my recovery. My managers, my director, my EAP counselor, my recovery center and their therapists plus my CM in my monitoring program. I had self reported and have been in complete compliance. When the AG contacted me, they wanted to know my side of story (the hospital had given them their side). I was advised from everyone to tell my side to AG, so I did. The AG said as long as I stayed in compliance they would not report me to BON. Fast forward to today, I received a tiny postcard in the mail from county court and had a case number and said there was an initial hearing in one week! I looked up the case number and sure enough I have been charged with 3 felony level 6 charges! WTF, I was never arrested, never talked to police! My EAP is going to call AG on Monday morning and see if they have any idea what is going on. I am still employed with same company, in fact, I transferred department and start new position this next week! I don't even know anymore!!