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RN0904 has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED, Transplant.

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  1. Just curious if anyone’s monitoring program has addressed this?
  2. RN0904

    a All these urine drug screens!!

    I just had 4 in 20 days!
  3. RN0904

    And just like that... it's over.

  4. RN0904

    Board hearing

    Good luck to you as well! The AG told me she believes I should be put on probation until the end of my RMA. Really? A year and a half later and now you think I should be placed on probation?! I could understand if this was last year but now, I find it ridiculous!
  5. RN0904


    yay!! Congratulations!!!
  6. RN0904

    Board hearing

    I begun this journey 16 months ago, self enrolled, criminal charges dismissed in February. Just got notified recently that the AG filed a complaint with BON. I emailed the AG asking why now. I was told because I sought treatment quickly they didn’t need to do a Petition for Suspension, but then they wait for criminal charges to be finished and then they do a complaint with BON. So now I’m waiting to find out the date I have to appear.
  7. RN0904

    Getting a job with new misdemeanor

    Not going to lie...it’s a tough road but it gets easier. IPRP is no joke! My advice is do what they ask if you are guilty (and it can be proved). Not sure where you are located but if you diverted in Marion County, there will be charges, but every case I’ve seen has been different, as to what the end result of those charges are. You have a lot of support here! Don’t be so tough on yourself, there are a lot of us in this boat!
  8. RN0904

    Indiana nurses

    The only one in Indianapolis that I know of is at Methodist. I think it meets on Fridays at 1.
  9. RN0904

    Diversion for Criminal Charges

    From what I have been told recently, everyone who diverts is getting charged now in Indiana. I am fortunate that my lawyer was able to get me a diversion deal, not drug diversion court. I was able to prove my good standing in monitoring, therefore all I had to do was pay the court costs. No probation, no community service, nothing else. There will be no charges on my record.
  10. RN0904

    Monitoring Advice?

    The only support group I found was the one at Methodist and didn’t care for it. I haven’t found any facilitated groups yet. The one at Franciscan is no longer, it stopped a year or two ago. I know they want to get it going again but just don’t know when they will.
  11. RN0904

    Drug tests

    I've have not seen an error message at log in before.
  12. RN0904

    Criminal charges!

    Nobody has been down this path??? Any insight, experience, tips?? I am meeting with an attorney tomorrow.
  13. RN0904

    Criminal charges!

    I will be calling an attorney on Monday!
  14. RN0904

    Criminal charges!

    I think I have talked about my past before but here is a short recap. I was caught diverting meds 4 months ago. Less than 24 hours later I was an inpatient in a recovery center where I spent 29 days. When I entered rehab, I was immediately placed on FMLA (my hospital did not fire me). My employer did have to report me to attorney general and I was contacted by AG. I am very blessed d/t having multiple people backing me and my recovery. My managers, my director, my EAP counselor, my recovery center and their therapists plus my CM in my monitoring program. I had self reported and have been in complete compliance. When the AG contacted me, they wanted to know my side of story (the hospital had given them their side). I was advised from everyone to tell my side to AG, so I did. The AG said as long as I stayed in compliance they would not report me to BON. Fast forward to today, I received a tiny postcard in the mail from county court and had a case number and said there was an initial hearing in one week! I looked up the case number and sure enough I have been charged with 3 felony level 6 charges! WOW!!, I was never arrested, never talked to police! My EAP is going to call AG on Monday morning and see if they have any idea what is going on. I am still employed with same company, in fact, I transferred department and start new position this next week! I don't even know anymore!!
  15. RN0904

    Inappropriate nurse support groups

    Considering I am forced to go to meetings that don't do anything for me, I thought I would try out a local nurse support group...better fitting for my situation, right??? Wrong! There was about 10 people in the meeting, not a single person introduce themselves or talked to me, the entire hour was multiple conversations going on in the group, nothing beneficial...I was disappointed! Another meeting that is not for me!
  16. RN0904

    Anyone else being GPS tracked?

    IPRP - Indiana Professionals Recovery Program I had thought about contacting the ACLU.

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