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Hi everyone,

This is really embarrassing to say but I took the ATI NCLEX predictor exam and I got a 23% chance of passing the NCLEX. I was very surprised considering I finished school with a 3.5 GPA. I am feeling extremely discouraged now, not sure if I will be able to pass the NCLEX. Does anyone have any words of encouragement or advice?


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Take no less than 100 practice exams a day. Go back and read rationales. Look to see if your scores are improving, how well are you answering your SATAs. Take a month off to study. Try using Uworld and Kaplan.

I am taking the Anderson course the 3rd week of August and have been saving uworld for September since I will not be taking the NCLEX until October. I do have the Saunders book and thought about opening it up and reviewing it throughout August. I was just told its best to do 4-6 weeks of studying and I don't want to over kill it.

I did about 4 weeks of NCLEX prep. I didn't open a single book and did at least 75 questions a day. I used kaplan so I took tests ranging from 75-265. Doing the longer tests really helps build your testing stamina (I can tell you I could barely get through 160 questions the first time so it definitely takes practice doing those long tests! I finished studying doing about 2300 questions and read all the rationales. I watched a couple of the videos provided and looked at my scores to see what areas needed improvement so I could focus there if I needed! Best of luck!

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