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  1. Nurse2bArielle4life

    How can I land an OR Job?

    Hello everyone! I currently work at the bedside on an oncology med/surg unit. I have two years of experience and would like to leave the bedside to work in the OR. However, when I look at job postings for the OR they all require at least 2 years of OR experience. Does anyone have any advice for me on how to land an OR job with only bedside experience? I did see some OR courses which provide OR training, I am not sure if that would be helpful. Thanks in advance!
  2. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Passing NCLEX after failing!!!

    I am also planning on taking my NCLEX for the second time. How are you liking hurst? I used uworld my first go around and am wondering if there is something better. Thanks!
  3. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Passing NCLEX after failing!!!

    Hey Girl! I read your post and am relating to you so much right now!!! I just took my NCLEX and unfortunately did not pass. When I took my NCLEX I literally felt like all the answers were right and had a really hard time answering quesitons... I also used uworld my first time around, everyone made it seem like if you use uworld you will pass no matter what. After reading your post I decided to give uworld another try and really make sure to take my time. Because just like you I felt like I was rushed and just trying to get through questions. I also got the Prioritization, delegation, and assignment book. I most likely will be taking my exam for the second time end of November early december. I tried to find Mark Klimek audio to listen but I could not find the audio. Any aditional information or feed back youd be willing to share with me would be great! Your post has already provided me with confidence that I can do it! Thanks! Arielle
  4. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Used UWorld and failed at 265 Questions

    Hey everyone! I recently took my Nclex and unfortunately did not pass the first time around. I am pretty devastated, I invested a lot of time into studying. I ONLY used UWorld to prep for my exam. I believe I made it through 1400 questions, I read the rationals, right or wrong. My test bank average was 55%. I took the predictor exams and scored a "high chance" of passing. I felt pretty confident in answering the UWorld questions. However, when I took my exam I felt as though every answer was the right answer! I am very lost because everyone says uworld is the end all be all, and I did not pass. Where do I go from here, do I continue to use uworld? or should I invest in something else such as Kaplan. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Very Low Kaplan & Uworld, Passed NCLEX in 75 First Time, Tips & Secrets

    Thank you for your wonderful advice, where can I find your study guide?
  6. Nurse2bArielle4life

    ATI NCLEX Predictor Score

    I am taking the Anderson course the 3rd week of August and have been saving uworld for September since I will not be taking the NCLEX until October. I do have the Saunders book and thought about opening it up and reviewing it throughout August. I was just told its best to do 4-6 weeks of studying and I don't want to over kill it.
  7. Nurse2bArielle4life

    ATI NCLEX Predictor Score

    Hi everyone, This is really embarrassing to say but I took the ATI NCLEX predictor exam and I got a 23% chance of passing the NCLEX. I was very surprised considering I finished school with a 3.5 GPA. I am feeling extremely discouraged now, not sure if I will be able to pass the NCLEX. Does anyone have any words of encouragement or advice? Thanks!
  8. Nurse2bArielle4life

    NRP/STABLE certification for a Nursing Student

    Hi everyone! I am in my final semester of nursing school. I will be sitting for the nclex come this fall! I interested in pursuing a career in maternity. With that being said, do you think it would be a good idea for me to go ahead and take an NRP and/or STABLE certification course? The only reason why I am hesitant on it is that I will be applying as a new grad and I am worried that I will not be able to get a job in maternity at first. Therefore wasting time/money on obtaining these certifications. However, I am hopeful that by obtaining the certifications, it will increase my chances of me landing my dream job! Please let me know what you think, take the courses or not? thanks! Arielle
  9. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Best way to advance career in Oncology Nursing

    Hello, I will graduate with my RN this August. Already looking towards the future how should I further my education if I am interested in Oncology. Should I get my masters or would NP be better? Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you!
  10. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Jimmy Fund Clinic

    Hey everyone! I am finishing up nursing school and will be officially done in September. I will hopefully have my RN come this October. Recently I landed a job working at the Jimmy Fund clinic as a clinic assistant. I am so excited to start! Thinking long term, I am hoping they will rehire me as a nurse. Can anyone share any experience that they have from working in an oncology clinic as a nurse and what it is like? Please include a day in the life, likes and dislikes, pay, compare to other jobs, any information is appreciated! thanks Arielle
  11. Nurse2bArielle4life

    How to get a job in the NICU

    Hello! New nurse here looking for advice on best way to get a job in the NICU. I live in Boston so jobs here are super competitive, any advice is much appreciated! thank you!
  12. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Travel nursing Pros and Cons

    Hi everyone! New nurse here interested in becoming a travel nurse. Those who are or have been travel nurses can you please provide me with some pros and cons of travel nursing. Also, what are some things that you wish you had known before becoming a travel nurse? Lastly, I have one year experience working in general med surge, however, I really would like to work in the NICU. When you are a travel nurse do you need to have experience in the area that you are applying to work in? Thanks!
  13. Nurse2bArielle4life

    Looking to continue my education

    Hi everyone, I am looking to continue my education but I am not sure which direction I want to go. Strongly considering Nurse Practioner in women's health but have also considered getting my masters and specializing. I have heard mixed things from other nurses in regarded to pay grade being about the same as when they were a nurse. What are your thoughts? (disclaimer: please do not leave me comments saying I should not continue my education just because of interest in a higher pay grade, I love being a nurse and what I do and would be happy to continue helping in a different way). Thanks, everyone!
  14. Nurse2bArielle4life


    New nurse here, wondering about retirement plans. What are some retirement plans available, do hospitals offer pensions? Since I am still young I am interested in being a travel nurse, how would that work towards saving money for my retirement? If I decide to change jobs can I move my 401k plan to my next job? Any feedback and advice are appreciated!