At School With Child. What to Wear?

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I am a new grad and luckily I have landed a job! I work for a pediatric home health agency. I go to school with a little boy and we can either wear scrubs or business casual. I have seen both but I am wondering what others wear to school with their patients.

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If there is no specific policy for the agency or the school, then I would take 2 things into consideration:

1)Is it a self-contained classroom or is the kid mainstreamed? In a self-contained classroom there may be many therapists/etc. in and out of the room and it may be helpful to be easily distinguishable as a nurse. If it is a mainstream classroom, the child or teacher may desire for you to blend in a little bit more in casual clothes as to not distract from the setting or call attention to the child.

2) comfort/cleanliness factor. If it is a preschool class, you may be helping your patient with finger paints or floor play that you may not want to be in yourregular clothes for.

In any case, it's a fun way to spend your day, so have fun and enjoy!

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I used to wear either scrub pants and a knit top or scrub top and jeans. Sometimes I would still wear full scrubs though. It was a special education center so there were a lot of medical personel there. I would wear scrubs the first day then take your cues from others at the school as to appropriate attire.

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tSometies the children, if they are old enough to be aware of it, prefer the nurse not to wear scrubs because in their minds they associate that with "hospital" Around the other kids anything that makes them appear different bothers them.

Simply, ask the teacher how you should blend in or stand out. You are on their turf. The child may not want to stand out as having a "nurse". If the teacher says it doesn't matter just make sure you look at least as neat as she does. If there is ever a question about your work, you don't want anyone to second- guess your abilities because you don't dress neatly/appropriately. This is the only time I would say neat jeans are appropriate outside of casual days. Make jeans are not too long and walked on, skinny jeans or club jeans. You want to be taken seriously. The funny thing is these are the jeans that can be found at Wal-Mart, K-Mart-large range of sizes and lengths.

Good luck to you.

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I just started a private duty gig, and I go to school with my client. He spends most of the day in a Special Ed classroom, but he also goes to some mainstream classes. I wear street clothes, to keep warm and to blend in. I usually wear khakis or non-blue jeans and a t-shirt or sweater.

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I have decided to wear scrub pants and a cotton shirt. It is the most comfortable and I don't have to worry about ruining good pants. Thanks for the input.

I would consider comfort first. Whatever makes it easier for you to move around to do your various care responsibilities.

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We are required to wear scrubs to all our clients, which includes during school. The kids in my clients class know who to go to if they notice something before I do (most of the time I notice things, but sometimes the kids like to tell me if my clients nose is running or if he can't hit his button for his device.)

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i work night shift half the time and when the day shift nurses come into work in the mornings before school starts, two of them dress in business or business casual clothing for school and the third nurse usually dresses in scrubs. i think its just a personal decision.

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Blue jeans and a neat, but plain (solid color) shirt for me The family let's us wear whatever we're comfortable with. One of my coworkers (her patient rides on the bus with mine), wears scrubs and it does add a flair of infirmity.

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