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Hi all! While the application deadline is a ways off, I just wanted to start a new thread for anyone planning to apply for ASU's PBCNP for this coming 2020 group. I've recently been accepted in to the Community Health major at ASU and am currently working on pre-reqs through Rio and my local college (residing in WA atm). How's everyone's progress so far? I'm really excited about this program and wish everyone the best of luck!

@jdm525 We were lucky and had 65 spots and 64 apply. So we didn't have to be faced with this. Good luck with your decision. 

I don't think we had any alternates this year but the first time I got accepted,  I had to drop out that year because of financial reasons which wasn't until mid December (about 4 weeks before the program started), so you never know! Some lucky person got my spot that year.  

Congratulations to those that were accepted, but if you didn't make it this time - don't give up!! If nursing is what you want to do - you will find a way, a program, reapply next year, whatever it takes.  Lots of options out there and plenty you can do in the meantime to prepare for becoming a nurse and gain practice and experience working with patients!

Hey all.  Does anyone know how to get a hold of current nursing students? I really want to know what the lab/class situation currently looks like with Covid. Are we required to show up in person for all tests?  How many people are with you in your labs, etc?  I am fine with 20 people in the room with me. More than 20  and I am just not OK with that level of risk considering we are all wearing handmade masks....


Several medical schools are limiting labs etc to 10 people, and rotating days/times to limit exposure. Is the nursing program doing this also? 

You can join the facebook group, we are on there as well. The classrooms are limited to half capacity. Most lecture exams are at home proctored exams online. We have one in person ATI exam but we are spaced out in the classroom. The labs and Simulations are usually groups of 8 right now. ASU will give you a kit with 2 ASU masks that are really good quality. We all wipe down and clean off our areas /desks after classes and labs.

Also the lectures right now you were given a choice of whether or not you want to come in to class or watch at home online via zoom


I'm starting in 2021, and I wanted to know from students who are almost through with the process.....Are there any topics/education that is helpful to start learning before classes start? For example: developmental stages or other topics 

Thanks! ? 

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