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  1. Palliative care nurses

    Wondering if there are any palliative care nurses (or RN's that have worked as that in the past) that could shed some light on this unit for me? I was offered a Palliative care position and would love to connect with some people who have experience w...
  2. 2021 Mayo New Grad Nurse Residency AZ

    @kcaz Congrats!! What unit?
  3. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @jdm525 We were lucky and had 65 spots and 64 apply. So we didn't have to be faced with this. Good luck with your decision.
  4. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @lariasvazquez I would love this too! Thank you for offering to do that.
  5. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Congrats everyone!!! And @tayfair maybe your wishes for our entrance exam scores to round up actually worked ? .... Holy cow, here goes nothing. Can't wait to meet everyone at the Welcome Meeting.
  6. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Congrats @ibeupupandaway!!!!!! Do you know when in January class starts? Is it the same as the regular ASU academic calendar?
  7. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Hi @sammiep.perry I would love insight on how the program is with kids. You can message me privately too if you want, but it is so kind of you to offer that. I've really been nervous about IF i get in, how I will do it with kids. We have a lot of hel...
  8. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Noooooo. Lol. It’s not like it starts in January or anything and any of us are anxious to know. ?. Did they say when it was delayed until?
  9. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Well, @tayfair let me provide you some comfort..... I got a 79.3% on the TEAS (and also bawled my eyes out). You should be proud of your 82%! You are a rockstar. I know most advancements get 88% or better (or thats what I am hearing). But you scored ...
  10. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    How are people doing on the TEAS? I am about to take in on Monday and wondering what average scores are. I'm hearing that everyone who gets into the program gets an 89% or better?
  11. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @emilyg0401 my advisor said they will be just accepting AHA this coming year and must have an in class component.
  12. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    @emilyg0401 I believe they add more when it’s two months out? So I would check back in a week or so to see if August dates are added. Im in Chem and HCR 220 now and planning on patho/NTR in fall. How are you feeling about the TEAS?
  13. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    It’s such a great thread. @birdy95 How are you feeling about tackling this program with kids? How many do you have? i would love to hear from more people with kids- I do have a support system in place as far as watching kids, drop off.l, pick up etc....
  14. ASU Post Bacc - 2019

    Is anyone doing this program with kids? Would love to hear how you are doing!
  15. ASU Post Bacc - 2020

    Hi! I am thinking about applying to the 2020 program. I am trying to learn more about the student experience and hear from people who have done it. Have you spoken with anyone in the program? I have 3 kids, so I'm wondering if it is doable (we have s...