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Hey, I thought I would take Thrashej's advice and start a new thread.....I know we have some people that are also starting out at PC in the spring so I titled it "Spring Starters"...... Is there... Read More

  1. by   boomerfriend
    Quote from mattsmom64
    I have a quick question...which books from our pre reqs are you keeping and which ones are you selling back? I know that keeping the Anatomy and Patho books are a given, but is anyone hanging on to their Micro book or Math books?

    I normally hate to part with any books but i figure If I can trade in some old ones for new Nursing books why not?

    I borrowed the Micro book from a friend and wished I could have referred back to it once or twice. However, I researched what I needed either in my A&P book or online. I have my old MAT 092 book and refer back to it often when helping my kids with their homework. I even refer back to my English book occasionally for info on how to reference something (MLA style).

    Have fun receiving all your shipments. I'm going to order my books online later after I get back from my trip. Thanks for the tip-- did you end up ordering from efollet or Barnes & Noble?

  2. by   mattsmom64
    Hi Deanna,
    I'm thinking of trading in my Mat 120 book and my Micro book. I'm almost finished with Mat 142 so I won't need the 120 book to refer to. I bought most of my books from elsevier.com. There was only one book and clinical companion on my list they didn't publish so I'm just going to buy that from MCC's bookstore. I chose the publisher over Barnes and Noble because they have some really nice package deals that include the text, online companion, and study guides etc. Also, the big selling point for me is that they sold some of the texts in 2 volumes instead of 1. For example, the Med Surge book that is sold in the bookstore has about 2000 pages...The publisher gives you the choice of either buying one book with 2000 pages or 2 books with 1000 pages each. I like the 2 volume texts better because they are lighter and hopefully the binding won;t fall apart.....
  3. by   PhoenixGirl
    Quote from Calzonan
    Hi all, I can't wait to order my books too, but am holding off a little bit for them. I also want to order/get my steth, but I need to try some out. Thrashej, how do you like yours? I know I want a Littman, but still not sure which one yet.
    I have a Littman. Waaaay better than the ones they hand out in the Nursing Science lab.

    I found going to the store and listening through all of them was the way to go. All people have different preferences. My doctor let me listen to his once, the expensive cardiac one, and I have to say I feel like MINE is louder and clearer. I think I got a midrange one, about $70??? I don't remember. But do get a Littman, some people's bps are SO hard to hear w/o them. Also, investing in an electronic bp cuff might not be a bad idea. If your in a facility or place that only has manual ones they are such a timesaver.
  4. by   Calzonan RN
    Thanks Phoenixgirl, I'll really have to try that.

    MY FRIEND GOT IN TO MCC!!!! :hatparty:
    There was only one opening at MCC today for the run, but her number was lower than mine and I was really hoping she'd get in. She was a little bummed and about to give up and just wait it out, but she got her first choice, I'm so excited for her!!! I think EVERY single person who applied to a CC in my patho class (and one or two ASU people) got into spring NS.
  5. by   mattsmom64
    Hi Keli,
    That's great! You'll have to "introdice" her to this board! Now I wish I took Patho at CGCC so I would know some of my future classmates!
  6. by   nursewannab
    Congratulations to all. I start in January in the Scottsdale/PVCC Scottsdale Healthcare accelerated program. Excited but scared because it is so fast paced. Anyone else in that program?
  7. by   Jessy_RN
    Quote from boomerfriend
    Our NS start in January and August--Spring/Fall respectively. Hey, what can you expect, this is Arizona...January IS spring to us!

    Did you say it right....January of '09? That's three years from now!
    I meant January 9th!
  8. by   mattsmom64
    My Stethoscope came today! There is no way that you can compare this Littman with the Sprague style one that I have! My heartbeat was so loud I actually jumped when I heard it! I ended up getting the Cardiology III. (I worked in a noisy environment for over 10 years so my hearing isn't as sharp as it used to be.) If you want to try out the different models stop by Apparel Pro. They let you try the different ones out....
  9. by   boomerfriend
    Gosh darn it Mary! Would you stop giving out such good advice!

    I have the Sprague(?) and now am re-thinking that decision. Perhaps I can conveniently forget it on my trip? My hearing isn't what it used to be and I wondered if I had better invest in a good stethoscope. Wish I had thought it through a little more before buying the one I have.
  10. by   mattsmom64
    Hey Deanna...just trying to be helpful lol! You're always welcome to try mine out to compare it with what you have.....

    Have fun on your trip!

  11. by   Calzonan RN
    Hey all, hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!! I finally ordered my books!!!! After much debate about whether or not to wait until the end of December to order them (and delay my finance charge a little longer), but I figured I'd need to get a jump start on my reading so I went ahead. Should have them by next week, delivered to my doorstep, yiha. Only $705!!!! I can't believe they cost soooo much!!! Also, I wanted to let all you GCC students out there know that our schedules are now posted online!!! I got all the classes I wanted and the teacher I wanted :wink2: Problem is they've got some major additional costs for the nursing courses, did you guys get the same thing? My friend going to MCC was just charged $50 or so additional cost for nursing classes, my invoice says $158 additional for nursing classes. Why doesn't Maricopa charge the same across the board? Wow, all this and I still have to get my scrubs, steth (hopefully a xmas present) etc. Speaking of, Mary, where did you say you got your roller backpack thing? I need to get one of those too
    Well, I'm supposed to be studying and cleaning, but I'd much rather chat with all of you...but I guess I better get back.
  12. by   MMARN
    i'm a spring starter!!! :hatparty: i'm excited, but nervous. i still have to go to the doctor for a physical. i have to buy two books, still. i bought my uniform, steth, and my fundamentals of nursing book. i'm almost set. i read some of the posts that say that they are in waiting lists!!! that sucks. how many people are in waiting lists? my friend's is two years long.

  13. by   Calzonan RN
    Where are you from Mave? Most of the schools in the Maricopa Comm. College system have a one to two semester wait. I think ASU has a wait as well. I was lucky to only wait one semester before I was placed in a nursing school. During that semester I completed my co-req's so that I could just focus on NS once it started.
    How many books did you have to buy? My school required 16 books on my list, but others have had to buy a lot less. I found Barnes and Noble had the best deal for books, plus free shipping.
    Welcome to this thread, we have 6 more weeks or so before the fun begins!!