recommendations for humanities class

  1. I'm going to take my humanities class online through Rio starting on Monday. I have signed up for World Religion (phi243) but was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations for courses that would fill the humanities requirement. Maybe something you enjoyed or not! Has anyone taken World Religion? How about Philosophy? I know someone who took history of rock n' roll and did not like it at all. I would hate to be stuck in a class that I don't like. I mean this is the one class that I can actually pick!!!

    Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated!!:wink2:

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  3. by   sam027000
    At my school, literature classes fufilled the humanities requirment. They have a lot of reading, but if you are able to pick the genre, you should be able to find someting enjoyable. One semester they offered a class in which you read Harry Potter books. I also took world religions and found it to be very interesting.
  4. by   xt1
    I took history of the US 1877 to present. Which was really interesting but the instructor made it really fun for us. World Religion sounds pretty interesting to me.
  5. by   boomerfriend
    I took Medical-Bio Ethics at MCC. It was a video course where the instructor was at our campus but was video linked to the Paradise Valley campus at the same time. They didn't have an instructor there but they were live on camera. Does that make sense? We could be called on during class and we were on camera and "beamed" to the other campus as well. Very cool technology.

    The subject matter was really great considering the medical aspect. We talked about Right to Die, End of Life issues, whether or not someone has the right to pull the to speak. It was a real eye opener to hear some people's opinions. Kind of scary, really. We also talked about cloning & genetic manipulation. Very interesting class. Highly recommend it.
  6. by   tferdaise
    I took the History of Rock and Roll at Rio and loved it, I took it while I had a travel assignment up in Flag, and when to NAU to take all of my test... I really enjoyed it. I think its MHT 120...

    Tony LPN
  7. by   partyof5
    medical ethics is a great choice as it deals with the medical field. I found it quite interesting
  8. by   sassiebaz
    This is an old thread, but I signed up for a RIO humanities class and Im looking for something that doesn't involve too much reading. I have 2 other classes that are a little time consuming....any ideas?
  9. by   HJS27
    Take a look at THE 210 - Contemporary Cinema.