R U Serious!!!!

  1. Is it just me or does it seem like everytime a new email comes from the Maricopa Community Colleges Nursing department the news seems to be getting worse. Today I open my email to find yet another message saying my wait could be even longer than the almost 2 years I have been waiting because of some new partnership they want to try. Now dont get me wrong this could be a blessing for most people, but I really had no desire to get a BSN right now and that's one of the major reason's I chose the Community College route.

    I'm not starting this thread to offend anyone who plans on going this route, I think its great, but Im just venting. I really needed to go to school and begin work asap, now it seems my wait will be even longer. I have both a Bachelors and Masters degree and wanted to begin my work as a RN and figure out what I wanted to do from there, I just sort of feel my hand is being forced if everyone who decides to take advantage of this opportunity jumps ahead of everyone who's been waiting
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  3. by   Jennybrie
    If I were you I would look at other nursing programs in the area. Most pre-reqs are the same and if you do end up needed another course or two it won't take as long. There are plenty of opportunities in the valley. All you have to do is research your options and keep an eye out for orientation and registration dates. You can apply for more than one school at a time and decide after acceptance whether or not you want to attend.
  4. by   ajhill00
    I feel the same way! I would be interested in the new program if I had all the pre-reqs for NAU, but I don't.

    I can't afford any other schools, even if their wait is shorter. To me, it's just not an option.
  5. by   blueindigo
    I called and spoke with them yesterday as I felt the same way. If you have been on the list for a year or two already it will not effect you. It will effect the people who are just getting on the list right now. He said on average about 130 or so slots will go towards the new program. Which really isn't any different as when they were doing the Banner program. I did find it offensive though that they told us to look at other options. Of course most of us that chose to sit on a waiting list for 2 years can't afford those other options. I did respond to that email to tell them that. I suggest that anyone who does have an issue with it send them an email. It's the only way to get heard and get the point across.
  6. by   fromtheseaRN
    i hate to play devil's advocate here, but they are helping students out by encouraging the BSN. if you look at the job postings up now, the vast majority say BSN preferred. i graduate this year, and am pretty nervous that i will not be able to get a job with my associates. even all of the nurse externships i've applied to want students in bachelors programs.
    there are waaaayyy more people on the wait list then ever before, which i'm sure is a combination of the economy and the misconception that there are nursing jobs galore. i know the wait is frustrating, but something has got to slow the number of students they're churning out down- the market is over-saturated with new nurses. and in addition to this, with all of the private schools popping up, all of the schools are fighting for clinical spaces and they are getting so few and far between that they are now considering doing a lot of clinical days in simulation labs at school, rather than at actual hospitals with actual patients.
    getting in sooner and graduating sooner does not necessarily mean you will be working any sooner than if you have to wait a bit longer (the icing on the cake is the hiring freeze at banner due to ahcccs cuts, which if cut completely as the governor wants, is estimated will lead to approximately 2000 nurses getting laid off in the valley). it's not pretty out there!
  7. by   BevJarvis
    What is the new program? It's for BSN at community college level?
  8. by   Crystal74
    Hey guys thanks for all the responses. I must admit yesterday when I got the email and posted this thread I was a bit discouraged and frustrated. I have had time to sleep on it and actually I did talk to the nursing office today and was told this wouldn't really have any affect on me. I still dont think its very fair for the people who have time stamps after mine, but Im sure it works for some.

    I for one have looked at all the other options, and for me right now the community college route seems to be my best bet for what I'm trying to accomplish. I hope this program works out for others.
  9. by   mommyoftwinks
    Quote from BevJarvis
    What is the new program? It's for BSN at community college level?

    I am also wanting to know what this new program is. Can anyone provide details?
  10. by   msiegel
    Here is a link to the letter from MCCND explaining the new concurrent option to get your ADN from a Maricopa CC + a BSN from NAU taking only 5 semesters. https://hceweb.maricopa.edu/CFIDE/do...e_04042011.pdf I'm going to Scottsdale starting in Aug. I would have jumped at the chance to get a BSN for only 1 more semester of school. I already have a BA in Psychology. If you are on the waitlist you should have gotten the email. If you didn't double check your status page.
  11. by   BevJarvis
    You can also check out www.gccaz.edu/nursing/nau/index.htm it tells you the pre and corequsites that are required for both mcccd and nau. It also shows what classes and when for the 5 blocks. Hope this helps.
  12. by   HJS27
    Crystal74, this seems like a golden opportunity for you. With all your courses from your other degrees you may be qualified for this program. It is only ONE additional semester than the MaricopaNursing RN program. Did you check the pre-req list on the GCC posting?

  13. by   BevJarvis
    Does anyone know if NAU is offering some kind of tuition discount to mcccd nursing students? I just looked at their website and tuition at NAU is $340/1 hr! One of the reasons I am going the community college route is because of the cost of schooling. I hope they have some way to make this path affordable!
  14. by   PrayeRNurse
    I am a LPN about to finish my RN. It was faster to get my LPN then my RN. With that said, pay attention to the
    Profession, anticipate the changes. To be a profession it is best to have one entry point, and to have everyone hold a four year degree or higher. Nursing is starting to go in that direction. I have many friends that are from states where a BSN is now or soon will have BSN's or higher getting hired and those with RN's being told they need to go futher in their education ASAP. There is not a nursing shortage at this time making it a perfect time to make this change. It is to make our wonderful profession even better! Join the ANA to keep up with changes and the politics of nursing.