Does AZ always pay lower than states with unions?

  1. I hope to be moving to AZ in the next couple years and have noticed that AZ seems to pay at least 10 dollars less an hour than the hospitals in my area, the PNW. I earn about 45.00 /hour for 10 years experience here and everything I've seen seems to be in the low thirties all over AZ . Do hospitals pay more for experience? I just want to be sure I can afford to live there if I move! Thanks so much for your responses!
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  3. by   rachaelofcourse
    Well, the cost of living here is significantly lower than that of the Pacific Northwest. I think the last article I read said the average home here goes for 250-300K. Of course hospitals will pay more for experience/professional certs/etc, but at least in my system, 45/hour is right at the top of the pay scale. I'm sure not being a union state may play into pay too, but that's just my 2 cents.
  4. by   Irene joy
    Thank you for your response. I am in love with the state of Arizona and would probably take a small pay cut if needed to escape this gray rainy weather
  5. by   hppygr8ful
    Quote from Irene joy
    Thank you for your response. I am in love with the state of Arizona and would probably take a small pay cut if needed to escape this gray rainy weather

    you can but 40 acres in Nevada for around $20,000.00 dollars and do whatever you want with it. I'm thinking of an end of world underground Zombie Apocalypse bunker. It always pays to be prepared.

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  6. by   adventure_rn
    I moved to the PNW from a state with a lower cost of living. Even though I made $10 more per hour at my PNW union hospital, I made about $30,000 less per year after the obsenely high downtown city living expenses in the PNW. Arizona offers one of the highest nursing salaries relative to cost of living in the country (after Sacramento).
  7. by   rnhopeful82
    I had to do some project for school looking at average nursing salaries and expenses where I live now vs another state. I picked AZ (lots of family and no blizzards!) The average salaries in AZ matched CT (slightly less than 1 city, slightly more than the other) but the cost of living was 30% less. So if you can, I'd recommend moving! LOL.
  8. by   mrsboots87
    I agree with pay scale in comparison to cost of living being good here. You might make more money where you are now, but how much more will your bills cost?

    I come from Cali originally. And what I would make there as a nurse if I stayed would afford me nothing fancy. Here in AZ, I live a nice home and get to take small vacations frequently. And that's with 2 kids and a working husband who makes about an avaerage amount of money.

    My single friends live in nice appartments and can live comfortably. It's hot here, but an overall great place to live.
  9. by   NICUorbust
    Yep. Cost of living is definitely a factor. I don't blame you for wanting to get out of the grey gloom! Love Oregon but it's too rainy for me long term.
  10. by   Irene joy
    Does anybody have any recommendations for a hospital? I'm currently working in a level two trauma center with about 350 beds. Looking for something at least this size or better. I have mostly medsurg ICU experience and also work as a House supervisor. Oh, and prefer no pediatrics.....