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  1. rachaelofcourse

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Any Navy blue scrubs will work.
  2. rachaelofcourse

    Banner New Grad Experience

    You have to buy them yourself.
  3. rachaelofcourse

    ATT, graduated 8/1 from SCC

    It took 3 weeks post grad to get my ATT.
  4. rachaelofcourse

    AZ License

    The board is on it! It seriously did take 6 weeks when I passed NCLEX a year ago.
  5. rachaelofcourse

    Block 1: Maricopa community college

  6. rachaelofcourse

    AZ License

    Yes, it takes about 6 weeks.
  7. rachaelofcourse

    2018 Arizona New Grad Salaries

    Banner only does a night shift differential.
  8. rachaelofcourse

    Gateway VS Scottsdale CC

    Yep! About 8 months in as a new grad in a medical ICU and loving it. :)
  9. rachaelofcourse

    Gateway VS Scottsdale CC

    Gateway's evening program was great for me, as I was in a similar situation. Most of the clinicals were on the weekends as well.
  10. rachaelofcourse

    New Grad RN positions?

    Banner pretty much always has them open.
  11. rachaelofcourse

    Does AZ always pay lower than states with unions?

    Well, the cost of living here is significantly lower than that of the Pacific Northwest. I think the last article I read said the average home here goes for 250-300K. Of course hospitals will pay more for experience/professional certs/etc, but at least in my system, 45/hour is right at the top of the pay scale. I'm sure not being a union state may play into pay too, but that's just my 2 cents.
  12. rachaelofcourse

    Banner New Grad RN Program

    Yes, they do. Those positions in general are hard to come by, but they're certainly there. AZBlueBell is a new grad in L&D. :)
  13. rachaelofcourse

    Veteran looking for a nursing school

    You'd be better served going to Chamberlain then. I wouldn't even consider PMI, as their BSN program is an RN to BSN, meaning you'd have to get your ADN first, probably through them at an egregious cost, then do the BSN. At least at Chamberlain it's all in one shot.
  14. rachaelofcourse

    Veteran looking for a nursing school

    I'm a little confused by your statement. With the Maricopa Community Colleges, if you get your BSN (called the CEP program) you have the option to choose between some big name schools like ASU, NAU, GCU and more. Your degree will almost certainly be transferable anywhere.
  15. rachaelofcourse

    Banner New Grad RN Program

    After your orientation/preceptorship ends. It should be noted that while yes, you do pick your own schedule, the managers can change it to balance the staffing out.