Brookline College - Graduates not hired ?

  1. I am very interested in joining Brookline College and their baccalaureate nursing program. The second I mentioned that to my coworker she said "No, don't do it!" I asked why and she replied, "My cousin said companies don't accept graduates from Brookline College".
    My coworker also said it's fishy how nursing is in so much demand and there are waiting lists everywhere...but not in Brookline College.

    There is no evidence or proof of her strong statement, but it still scared me. Especially since the program is so expensive.

    Brookline College does have accreditation:
    Accreditation | Brookline College

    Are there any Brookline graduates here that can hopefully proof this statement wrong?
    I truly am excited to join the school, I'm just shocked and scared by her statement. If any one has experiences in Brookline or opinions, it is much appreciated
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Your best next step is to call local employers and tell them exactly what you were told: That this school's grads do not get hired. Ask them if they hire grads of this program- all other things being equal.

    I will say in looking at their accreditation that they are NOT regionally accredited and so you may not be able to transfer any credits earned there to another school if need be.
  4. by   potatoz
    Thank you for your response meammaryjean. I do have plans on becoming a nurse practitioner in the future. What type of accreditation would be the 'good' one I need to look for in a school?
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    You want your BSN to have CCNE accreditation and also for the entire university to have 'regional' accreditation.

    There is actually a very straightforward Wikipedia article about university accreditation. Also several threads on AllNurses if you use the <search> feature.
  6. by   potatoz
    I will research more about accreditation, thanks!
  7. by   kkbb
    Brookline did have issues with the BON, so make sure they are getting all that fixed. But I know Brookline graduates that work for Banner, Honor Health, Phoenix Children's and Mayo Clinic. Yes, Brookline graduates are being hired. As far as furthering your education after, check with ASU and Grand Canyon and see if they would accept you into a master's program if you had a BSN from Brookline.
  8. by   EveeRN224
    Brookline College did have issues with their accreditation when I attended there, but they eventually got their accreditation back... I can't speak for other but, I know people who I have graduated with or have graduated before me and they have gotten jobs at PCH, Mayo, Abrazo, Honor Health, and Banner... No matter what school you look into they are going to have their pros/cons you just have to do your research, help this is some what helpful
  9. by   marisol156
    How are you liking Brookline college so far? I start August 20th. A bit nervous!