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  1. Apple-Core is right. I'm not sure if each community colleges offer it, but i'm gonna say yes since they're all in maricopa and it feels like they're under the same umbrella. It will be on different times every semester because your classes will be at different times. For example this semester my classes ate tues, wed, thur. Next semester it'll be on mon, tues, wed. From what I heard from an upperclassment, the helpfulness of the nur104ab classes really depends on your teacher (and maybe their test-style too). For example, I'm in block I and the whole class kinda feels that the 104 class is a waste of time. The questions are too easy and nothing is like the actual exams. But the upperclassment said that the 104 class in block II is really good. So I guess it really depends :) I say if you're not short of time and can affort the extra $100 (its a 1-credit class), take it. But be prepared that it might not be the most useful. Btw the class is pretty much just a bunch of multiple choice questions that you answer together. At least for my class.
  2. I've always preferred physical books too but after finding out that one of the nursing book is over 6000 pages long, I'm kinda glad that I got mine as a e-book. I bought a really cheap tablet for the sole purpose of nursing school, so I don't have to carry massive amounts of books when I want to study at places
  3. I wonder if you can buy the access to Prep-U quizzes separately? That's actually what I'm planning to do since I already got the books separately and not in a bundle. I found this access code online, but I'm not sure if it's the same with prep-U. Was yours something like this when it came with the bundle? Click here to open link It'll be great if those work. I did my calculation and buying the books and access codes separately (if you find good deals) is still cheaper than the bundle. And that's even with the bundle discount that the school is offering ($400).
  4. potatoz

    Integrity - Should I say something

    Can you maybe write an email anonymously to a higher up? Or even make a new email address so the higher up can't track you or what not. I think this needs to be reported. It doesn't matter if he/she is still a student. Character is character. Whatever this person brings to school, they will bring to school also. Stealing quizzes can lead to stealing other documents during work. Maybe just give a fyi message to your professor. Whatever happens will be between them, but at least you have done your part and don't have to live with confusion or maybe even guilt. Good job for not ignoring this and for thinking hard about it.
  5. Hi Milady, ah more forced expenses. I'm sorry your class were the guinea pigs But thank you for giving me more information.
  6. Wow that is super harsh to fail a student with a 75.99%! I understand that it's the logical and "fair" solution, but this is when some compassion can come in, especially when the student only needs an extra 0.01. I do start next week yes. My Canvas registered me under the wrong school and I have been contacting multiple authorities on this with no resolvement. So I don't know if my teachers posted anything or if I can even receive it. But I did receive an emal from the school with a list of books to buy. Oh hey, were you asked to buy this thing called "Lippincott DocuCare"? I'm buying my books without a bundle (found cheaper ways) but can't find much about DocuCare. I'm assuming it's a program. There are 6, 12, 18, 24-month subscriptions.
  7. Thank you Apple-Core. I go to Paradise Valley CC. I downloaded the books into my tablet, but you're right I can just use the computer's usb port as charger if other plugs are used. Oh that also brings me to another question. You mentioned PrepU quizzes. I assume you can only access that through buying the book bundle/having the access codes. Would you know if buying the access codes for all classes are absolutely necessary? Were the quizzes on prepU mandatory or only a suggestion for exercise? From my previous pre-req classes, even though teachers told me the access codes were mandatory, we did not use them at all. Every semester I wasted $$$ on them. So this time I actually didn't get the bundle. I bought pdf versions of the books separately. I'll have to buy the access codes separately too. But I wanted to wait and know I actually need them before buying them.
  8. Thank you Apple-core. I thought about studying too in the meantime, but I like to use e-books rather than the physical one, so I'll have to worry about chargers and plugs which aren't in abundance at all. Thank you for your input, I appreciate it! :)
  9. Thank you for your input Milady! If it was right before/after class it would definitely be a better time. I read some topics that said the extra class for block 1 isn't as useful as compared to block 2, 3, and 4. But I guess I'll see. I can perhaps take the first extra class and then drop out if the wait really is 3-hours. Good to know it doesn't have exams and that it's passing/no-passing. Thank you for the information
  10. Anyone? I am not sure wether I want to take this class or not. Supposedly it reviews the content and is good for when you have questions. I have two concerns: 1. I have test anxiety. Does this 1-credit class have exams/quizzes too? 2. Inconvenient time. Our classes goes from 8am-12pm. Then we have a three hours break before this class starts from 3pm-4pm. It's a rather long wait for the one-hour class if you don't live nearby. A little background, this is for block I. For prereq classes I usually get A/B's so I feel fine-ish. Just not sure how really beneficial this class is. Does it really prepare you for the N-CLEX like it said it wouls? Because everyone I know say they feel unprepared after graduation anyways. Going home at noon rather than 4pm, even though only once a week, seems nice. Any opinions from current / prev students or in general? Thank you
  11. My ultimate goal is to become a Family Nurse practitioner, this requires a MSN degree. Right now my school has a program where you will earn an AAS (Associates degree), but you can also partner up with an university to earn a BSN in around the same time (doing both schools at the same time). But there is a second option. I can also get my AAS degree and a MSN degree if you have a previous bachelors degree. Which I do have. The problem with this route is that you won't be awarded a BSN degree. The other problem is that with this MSN route they don't have the program I'm interested in (I will take Public Health). If I do take it it's pretty much because, in all honesty, you probably can earn better money. The BSN program is around $15,000 for 2.5 years. The MSN program is around $30,000 for 3.5 years. My original plan was to work for a couple of years after graduation and then go back to school to take the family nurse practitioner degree while working. What would you do if you were in my position? Would you take the MSN route because you already have a bachelors degree, and you can probably earn more money? Or would you take the BSN route because.. you will *eventually get that MSN eitherway? --------- On a side note, do you think I will have problems if I have an AAS degree and a MSN degree, but no BSN? One requirement of enrolling into a nurse practitioner program is to have a BSN degree. You might think it's okay since a MSN is higher than a BSN... But I had a really hard time enrolling into my community college because I have no high school diploma, even though I did have a bachelors degree (I skipped high school). It literally took a year of discussion for me to be entered, I rather not have it happen again.
  12. potatoz

    HESI A2 Study Guide + Tips (With Links)

    Hi, sorry for the late response. It's a super basic calculator, but yes 20.5+12.8 will work. For 2/3 + 1/8 I would convert them to decimals first individually before adding them together. You want to play it safe and prevent any unnecessary errors :) Good luck!
  13. potatoz

    HESI A2 Study Guide + Tips (With Links)

    You're welcome :) All the best to you!
  14. Hey Guys! I've been scared of taking the HESI A2 exam ever since I decided to become a nurse! I took the test today and got these scores: Math - 98% Grammar - 80% Vocabulary - 94% Comprehension - 90% I did not have to take A&P I think one of the hardest part is to know where to start, and to gather your resources. So I will provide a study guide at the end of the text I also used this book: I recommend you getting it because it's convenient to have all materials in one spot. OVERVIEW: Maths: Don't be scared if you're not good at math! These are pretty basic. Focus on decimals to percentage conversions and vice versa. Also know how to find the value of X. A good amount of the question is in this format "20:x :: 2:5". Focus on conversions (Gallon, quart, pint, cup, ounces. Km, m, cm, mm). I did not encounter any temperature conversions and very few military time conversions, I would still study it just in case. There are also a lot of word problems so be familiar with those type of questions. There is a calculator on screen which you can use, but be careful with sticky keys. Always look at the calculator after you clicked a number to make sure it registered on the screen. Grammar: English is my third language and it's self-taught through speaking. I had a 0% knowledge in grammar. I didn't even know the difference between a noun and a verb. If English is your first language, I'm happy for you! For this topic, focus heavily on subject-verb agreement. This means that if the subject is plural, so the verb shall be too. If the subject is singular, the verb shall be too. Some subjects are collective nouns but acts as a single entity (singular) (ex. Family, audience, committee, board, faculty, herd, flock). Pay special attention to those. There are A LOT of "choose the incorrect sentence" type of questions. I know my score suffered because of these, because they all looked correct to me! I also encountered a lot of "Which of the following word in the sentence is incorrect?" type of questions. I would really practice on those. The rest are more basic because the correct answer will sound 'right'. For example, you have to fill in the blank and choose between him/he/himself. Vocabulary: This was actually a 'Vocabulary AND GENERAL KNOWLEDGE" topic, which I completely overlooked as I only focused on memorizing words. I studied all the words in the book + some on quizlet (links in the study guide). Out of these, only 15-20% were in the test. However, they were indeed from the book so make sure you know those. I guess the general knowledge part really depended on your own general knowledge ☹ Sorry for the lack of tip. To encourage you, I still managed to get a 94% on it. Do your best, and know that nothing is better than that! Comprehension: Don't be afraid of this part! I was afraid the text would be long and complicated, but it wasn't! In fact, one of the text was exactly this one, but with different questions: The Water Cycle Questions 17 2 are about the following - ProProfs That's also about the length of each reading text. It's pretty short Each text will have 4-5 questions. My tip is to VISUALIZE the text you read. Pretend you're watching TV and your inner reading voice is the TV host. One of the reading I got was about how the Golden Gate Bridge was built and how the people worked. Imagine it as a narrative, it'll be easier to answer the questions that way. Some questions were like "What does the word ___ mean in the second paragraph." For those, you can use surrounding words and sentences as clues. Make sure you know what the main ideas are, what the author wants to convey, and how the author feels about the topic he/she is writing about (mocking it, supporting it, unbiased, etc). Critical thinking: This topic is not graded. The category gives you 4 scenarios, and you as a nurse will need to choose which patient to attend first according to the severity of the case. To me, they all sounded pretty severe. But some were more obvious than others. For example, a guy with a broken leg can wait if there is another patient who is having a heart attack. There is quite a lot of reading (all the scenarios) and I had 30 questions. Know that you have to finish this section within your 4-hour time limit too. To give you an idea, It took me around 20 minutes to finish and I'm a medium-slow reader. Personality type: Not graded. This section won't take you long at all. I believe there were about 15 short questions. For example, "In a party you tend to ____. A) Talk to strangers. B) Talk to those you know". It took me around 5 minutes to complete. Learning style: Not graded. This one is also short, around 15. If you think too hard it will take you longer to finish. An example is, "You learn best by____. A) Watching B) Doing C) Reading". TIPS: Know your speed and time yourself during practice exercise. Manage your time. Aim for 45-50 minutes for each subject. The 4-hour time frame runs collectively and it doesn't restrict you per-subject if that makes sense. Sometimes people run out of time. If you're on the slower side, know which subjects take you longest so you can improve your speed on those. That being said, don't freak out about the time limit! Math took me more than an hour, but vocab took me way less time. They cancelled each other out with time to spare. Know that some subjects will take you longer, some faster, and that it's totally okay Know what order you will take the exam! It's like interval training, give your brain hard work, then let it rest. Then start over again. Make sure to finish the graded subjects first. Worse comes to worst, if you're almost out of time you can 'click whatever' on the ungraded ones. Here was my strategized order: 1. Math: This takes a lot of brain power, do it when your brain Is still fresh. 2. Grammar: You're already 'in the zone' and focused when you get to this part. 3. Vocab: Your brain is getting tired! Rest it with vocabs since it has less reading. It focuses more on your memorization and understanding skills. 4. Comprehension: Motivate yourself knowing it's the 'final boss' and you're almost there. 5. Personality style: Fast, fun, easy, quick. A good rest for the brain. 6. Learning style: Fast, fun, easy, quick. A good rest for the brain. 7. Critical thinking: The real final boss. Your brain had its rest, time to finish this! How to memorize all those complex medical vocabularies? Make stories out of them! For example: Superfluous means unnecessary. The word "superfluous" sounds like super-flaunts. Someone super-flaunts his wealth, which is unnecessary. Thus, superfluous = unnecessary. Overt means to be easily observed. "Overt" looks like the word "over", as in over the log. Imagine you're jumping over a log in the forest and can now observe a tiny fox that was hiding underneath it. Overt = easily observed. Precipitous means Abrupt / suddenly Imagine a test-tube with precipitation, it bubbles and shakes abruptly and suddenly. Lethargic = difficult to arouse Picture a person allergic to leather. She is 'leather-allergic'. When you put leather close to her, she doesn't like it and doesn't feel like wanting to do anything. So the lethargic person = difficult to arouse and feeling lazy. STUDY GUIDE 2 Years before I even took the test, I started gathering materials. That way I didn't have to scramble and look for materials to practice on, instead everything would already be there. I again recommend the Admission Assessment Exam Review by Elsevier. There is not a big difference between the 3rd and 4th edition, any is fine. You can look into different websites for the best prices: hesi admission assessment - Google Search Here is the link to my study guide: HESI A2 Preparation List - Google Sheets You can go to your own google account to make a new google sheet. You can click here to select everything and then copy it to your sheet. Notice that there are different tabs at the bottom. To create a new tab click here. You can change background box colors. I use this to stay organize. All the materials yet to cover stays red. I recommend turning the completed links and exercises to green. If you can't copy-paste images, here is how to add them to your sheet. I will also attach an excel version in case that works better for you I hope you like the guide and I hope it's useful for you. This is a more concise version than the one I made for myself. I studied unnecessary stuff that didn't come out, I left it out for you Good luck future nurses! "Do your best and let God do the rest!"
  15. potatoz

    Brookline College - Graduates not hired ?

    I will research more about accreditation, thanks!

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