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  1. Hello,
    I have an interview for banners new grad experience. I was wondering if anyone has gone through this, what the interview process is like, was there more than 1 interview. How soon did you hear back. What was the program like.. and any tips for the interview! So pretty much any and all information that you might have!
    Thank you, your time is greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   bsnrngirl1

    I posted asking the same question but didn't get any responses. I hope you get some! When is your interview?
  4. by   bex3
    Mine is at the end of August! What about you?
  5. by   bsnrngirl1
    I'm going in on Tuesday! I'm going for the east valley, you? I'm crossing my fingers for the both of us!
  6. by   bex3
    GOOD LUCK!! that's so exciting. Can you PM me after and let me know how it went?!
  7. by   bex3
    I applied to both, but I'm on the west side. I'm going to PM you.
  8. by   bsnrngirl1
    Unfortunately I can't do PM since I'm new and don't have many posts so I'll just reply on here.
  9. by   bsnrngirl1
    It is pretty exciting! I went to GCC and NAU. I applied to both as well but my west side application still says pending recruiter review. I am having the same difficulty, as is the rest of my class. It can be discouraging not hearing anything back at all so I know we're lucky to even have interviews. Have you interviewed anywhere else?

    I can't remember exactly but I know I definitely typed in med-surg, tele, and ICU!
  10. by   hazel30
    Hello! I only had one interview with the recruiter and I was asked about 8 questions. The questions I can remember are, name your most favorite and least favorite clinical, describe a time when you received negative feedback and describe a time when you've received positive. Give 3 words to describe yourself. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?

    I was hired on the spot and then asked what department/specialty I was interested in. Banner likes to place new grads into units that they're genuinely interested in working in so that they can maintain their 95% new grad retention rate. I chose postpartum and it's been awesome! In the beginning you'll have to send in all of your documents and then get your TB test (depends on facility) mask fit and drug test done.

    Your first day will be clinical orientation at their corporate center in Mesa, where they will go over basic info like Banner's mission statement, safe med administration and glucose testing (you will be practicing this on each other!). A few days later you'll have a skills day at the corporate center in which you'll have didactic and then they'll watch you perform skills like working the pump, inserting a ng tube, placing a foley and doing a central line dressing change. However, don't be nervous because this information is only used to let your preceptor know what areas you need help in.

    Last, depending on what unit you choose you will come back at a later date to do a partial shift in their simulation center. When you start on your unit you'll be assigned a preceptor and you'll also have the facility educators checking in with you every 2 weeks and making sure that you're getting along with your preceptor, learning and staying on pace. The New Grad Experience is awesome... Good luck!
  11. by   bex3
    Wow thank you so much for all of your information! That is so amazing you got postpartum! I really want to be in LD or postpartum, but I put down I was open to pretty much every unit, because I really am, but I would take women's health in a heart beat. Sounds like your experience was a dream, getting hired on the spot and working in the unit of your choice. That's so great
    The new grad experience sounds so amazing, fingers crossed I get it!!
  12. by   bsnrngirl1
    Yes exactly what she said! That's how my interview went today! Job offer and all!
  13. by   bex3
    Wow congrats!! What unit?!
  14. by   bsnrngirl1
    It's a med-surg unit which is perfect for me! I am so happy and excited to have this amazing opportunity and I know you'll do so great at your interview!