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  1. Quality Coordinator RN Interview help

    I know this is an older post, but did you interview for this position. What was your experience?
  2. Question: Nurse picking up extra shifts

    Thanks. Yeah I'm not planning on going out tomorrow to find something. Just wanting to get an idea.
  3. Hi all. I've been a high risk OB nurse for 5 months now. New grad. I work full time now, but interested in picking up part time shifts at other facilities(low-risk). I'm just wondering how much experience I need to be considered for something like t...
  4. Banner New Grad Experience

    They open the new grad posting, west or east, at random times. You need to just keep checking.
  5. Maricopa County Jail RN

    I got a different offer at a hospital so I took that postion. After your interview and you submitted your fingerprints it takes about a week for an offer. They have to wait for those to clear. I received a conditional offer dependent on the next step...
  6. New grad night shift

    Haha yeah I found all those threads after I posted this! Thank you, I think that is great advice! I think everyone knows how expensive daycare can be, and I agree with you 100%
  7. Private nursing school?

    I do not have any experience with private schools. I graduated from a Maricopa school without being in a CEP. My concern for your situation is with you graduating without your Bachelors (BSN). It has been said that by 2020 all RNs will need their BSN...
  8. New grad night shift

    Hey all! Any tips or ticks to adjusting to the night shift life? What was your adjument like? Do you "hit a wall" during your shift? About what times? What do you do to wake yourself back up? Safety when driving home? Anyone have little ones at home...
  9. Banner New Grad Experience

    Ok thanks! I'm still waiting on a schedule.. what is the normal schedule like with sims?
  10. Banner New Grad Experience

    Hi all.. I have a question. I got a position on nights, start in a couple weeks... my question is when I train with my preceptor will I be on days or nights?
  11. New nurse High risk Ante

    Great thank you!
  12. Phoenix New grad Positions.

    And I'm not sure you can work as a CNA with your RN. This was something I was thinking about awhile ago. That maybe the hospitals would be afraid of a RN working out of their scope as a CNA? I have no idea. I know honor health has PCAs which is the s...
  13. Phoenix New grad Positions.

    Do you have your BSN or in a program? I would check st joes job board every day, all day, to make sure I applied as soon as it was posted. None of them said new grad, but I applied anyways. Most of them were rejected but I did end up getting an inte...
  14. Nursing career

    I was interested in Cardiac and OB when I started school. It was right before I started my OB rotation I felt like this is where I belonged. My clinical rotation was amazing, and I did my preceptorship in LD. It felt so natural working with the moms ...
  15. New nurse High risk Ante

    Hi all!! I am a new nurse from ARIZONA and after months of trying to land a women's health position, I'm excited to say I was offered and ACCEPTED a position in high risk antepartum, I will be crossed trained into high risk postpartum and Gyn! I hav...