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  1. bex3

    New grad night shift

    Haha yeah I found all those threads after I posted this! Thank you, I think that is great advice! I think everyone knows how expensive daycare can be, and I agree with you 100%
  2. bex3

    Private nursing school?

    I do not have any experience with private schools. I graduated from a Maricopa school without being in a CEP. My concern for your situation is with you graduating without your Bachelors (BSN). It has been said that by 2020 all RNs will need their BSN. But even right now in 2017 (almost 2018), it is very difficult to get hired without your BSN complete. I know this from personal experience. I figured as long as I was enrolled in a BSN program I would be just fine, it was sooooo difficult to get a job. And you only have 1 year after you graduate to get hired as a new grad, after that your not a new grad, and have no experience. By the time you graduate most all new nurses will have their BSN complete. And that's a lot when it comes to landing that job. Of course there could be exceptions to this happening to you with out a BSN, but something to really consider if you do not get into a CEP and want to wait 2 years for a 2 year associate program. Another route to consider is start through Maricopa in the LPN program. Once you get that 1 year done, you can bridge into the RN program. You will then land into block 3 of the RN program and finish in one year. You can then start a CEP mid Program.
  3. bex3

    New grad night shift

    Hey all! Any tips or ticks to adjusting to the night shift life? What was your adjument like? Do you "hit a wall" during your shift? About what times? What do you do to wake yourself back up? Safety when driving home? Anyone have little ones at home to care for too? Any and all advice would be appreciated! Thank you!!
  4. bex3

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Ok thanks! I'm still waiting on a schedule.. what is the normal schedule like with sims?
  5. bex3

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Hi all.. I have a question. I got a position on nights, start in a couple weeks... my question is when I train with my preceptor will I be on days or nights?
  6. bex3

    New nurse High risk Ante

    Great thank you!
  7. bex3

    Phoenix New grad Positions.

    And I'm not sure you can work as a CNA with your RN. This was something I was thinking about awhile ago. That maybe the hospitals would be afraid of a RN working out of their scope as a CNA? I have no idea. I know honor health has PCAs which is the same thing as a CNA I'm guessing.. I'd be interested to know if you can..
  8. bex3

    Phoenix New grad Positions.

    Do you have your BSN or in a program? I would check st joes job board every day, all day, to make sure I applied as soon as it was posted. None of them said new grad, but I applied anyways. Most of them were rejected but I did end up getting an interview (but I declined since I took a different offer). Have you tried the prisons (corizon) or Maricopa County jail? I applied and interviewed for both. The Jail gave me an offer (but I declined). I apllied to every and all Abrazo, even reached out to recruiters. Never heard anything. Except I did apply to a Tucson listing just to see and was called right away. Use LinkedIn as a resource, and connect with recruiters. They are usually willing to help and forward your resume to the right people. Walkin in and meet the manager, and give them your resume. It's so scary, but that's what I did! Or call them! You need to make the contact with the managers! Volunteer! You can at any hospital on pretty much any floor, this will help you meet the managers, and get your name out there. I'd probably recommend doing a medsurg floor, that's where they hire most new grads! Good luck! And congrats on passing NCLEX!
  9. bex3

    Nursing career

    I was interested in Cardiac and OB when I started school. It was right before I started my OB rotation I felt like this is where I belonged. My clinical rotation was amazing, and I did my preceptorship in LD. It felt so natural working with the moms and babies. And the nurses and doctors. I felt like I was meant to be there. Here in Arizona it is hard for new grads to get any job, let alone a women and infant position. I can't tell you how many people (even the recruiter who ended up calling to offer me a position) told me I would NEVER get into women and Infant as a new grad! That I need to start in Medsurg. I was torn between my heart and everyone's words. I never gave up, and never stopped knocking on those doors. I start on Antepartum in two weeks!! í ½í²• and I KNOW with all my heart❤️ I belong in women's health.
  10. bex3

    New nurse High risk Ante

    Hi all!! I am a new nurse from ARIZONA and after months of trying to land a women's health position, I'm excited to say I was offered and ACCEPTED a position in high risk antepartum, I will be crossed trained into high risk postpartum and Gyn! I have always felt women's health is where I belong and I'm so grateful. I start in a couple weeks, and I've been reviewing my school notes and AWHONN has some good resources, but I was wondering what advice any of you have for a new nurse! I will be on nights! Thank you💕
  11. bex3

    New grad advice

    Update! I got the job to start as on Antepartum and will be crossed trained into postpartum and gyn! I felt like I really had to fight for this job! And I still can't believe I got it! Can't wait to join all you OB/Gyn nurses!
  12. bex3

    Maricopa County Jail RN

    Anyone work for the maricopa county jail? Just wanting some insight. Any and all! Thanks!
  13. bex3

    PCH New grad

    How were the interviews?! For future interviewees, what advice do you have? Hope you both landed a job!
  14. bex3

    Banner New Grad Experience

    I wouldn't stress too much about that you said phoenix, I'm sure he understood it meaning the Phoenix area... If you get an interview you can ask if it is for a Tucson position or Phoenix area. And they will ask you which hospitals you want (west or east valley). Do you have your BSN?
  15. bex3

    Banner New Grad Experience

    So you got hired as a new grad for the PCU at Abrazo?
  16. bex3

    Banner New Grad Experience

    Yes I think that's a good sign! He is the recruiter for Phoenix and Tucson. So he might end up getting you one for a Phoenix location.

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